Noooooooooooo!!! Godbeat losing a superstar

Noooooooooooo!!! Godbeat losing a superstar August 31, 2013


Please forgive the exclamation points in the title.

But enough already.

On the heels of Bob Smietana leaving The Tennessean, the impending departure of a religion-writing superstar rocked the Godbeat this week.

Ann Rodgers, president of the Religion Newswriters Association, announced that she’s leaving the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after two decades.

In a public posting on her Facebook page, Rodgers wrote:

I will be leaving the Post-Gazette on Sept. 5 to become communications director for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. I haven’t swum the Tiber, but they told me that 33 years of wading in it have saturated me enough to do this job. I am deeply grateful to the Post-Gazette for 20 years of unparalleled support for the religion beat and for me personally. I have the best team of editors anywhere in journalism. But I have covered the beat for 33 years, 25 of them in Pittsburgh, and it’s time for a new challenge. I look forward to a job where I can express my Christian faith, while serving a church that does incredible good in Western Pennsylvania and worldwide. My best to all of you. Stay in touch.

Folks, this is sad news for the religion beat.

Here at GetReligion, we have not critiqued Rodgers’ stories as much as those of some other writers because, quite frankly, there’s only so many different ways to say, “Another fantastic story!”

The Diocese of Pittsburgh reported on Rodgers’ appointment, noting that she is a member of an Anglican church — a fact that didn’t please everyone.

In a 2010 interview with Rodgers, former GetReligionista Sarah Pulliam Bailey dubbed her “Pittsburgh’s queen of religion news.”

Over at The Deacon’s Bench, Deacon Greg Kandra — reflecting on news of Rodgers’ new position — noted:

She’s one of the best on the beat — and, really, part of a dying breed: a reporter who “gets” religion and has made it her business to understand it from every angle. At a time when the coverage of religion is often sorely wanting, and most writers don’t have a clue what they’re talking about — whether it’s Catholicism or Islam or evangelical Protestantism — Ann Rodgers was in a class by herself.

Rodgers reports that the Post-Gazette is looking to replace her. That will be difficult to do, obviously, but it’s wonderful news — in this age of newsroom cutbacks — that the Pittsburgh newspaper remains committed to religion news.

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7 responses to “Noooooooooooo!!! Godbeat losing a superstar”

  1. I wondered when you would get around to this after seeing it at Deacon Greg’s. Maybe now she will have time to write for GetReligion? Hint hint.

    And I had no idea she was a stakeholder in the Anglican events around Pittsburgh, which is pretty high praise if I am remembering correctly that she produced some very balanced stories about it.

  2. Bad news for the religion beat… Good news for my hometown dioceses! I find this REALLY exciting! She’s going to be GREAT for the Dioceses of Pittsburgh!

  3. FWIW … Hiring Ann Rodgers as Communications Director is probably better than trying to find a Roman Catholic journalist who agrees with all the Catholic Church’s doctrines on faith, morality, abortion, SSM, etc !!

    • Why shouldn’t they hire someone who agrees with the Church on those issues? That’s a very strange approach to take.

      • My point was that: Ann, coming from an conservative Anglican church probably has more in common with the Catholic Diocese, than most who call themselves Catholic.

        My example: probably most of the staff at the National Catholic Reporter.

  4. She will be missed on the beat, but she’s going to be great for the Diocese. Those “traditional” Catholics who are slamming Bishop Zubick and her for it really need to learn some charity. They also need to learn that if they want to get a seat at the table, then they’d better hone the skills that Ann has honed for so many years.