Imagine Pope Francis; help artists win prizes

Imagine Pope Francis; help artists win prizes September 6, 2013

So, unless you have spent quite a bit of time on another planet in recent months, you probably know that Pope Francis is a rock star in global mass media and that condition will probably continue until he stands up in some crucial public-square location — Comedy Central perhaps — and makes a bunch of statements defending Catholic moral teachings.

THe bubbly Jesuit from Latin America is everywhere right now.

With that in mind, the pros over at Religion News Service decided to celebrate wonder that is Pope Francis in a rather unique way, with a rather fun multi-media project. The online announcement for this operation saith:

Religion News Service readers will vote for the best artistic rendering of Pope Francis as part of the nonprofit news site’s first ever art contest.

Public voting online begins Tuesday, Sept 3, at:

Two-dozen artists from the U.S. as well as Canada, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia have submitted their artistic renderings. Submissions will be accepted until midnight on Monday, Sept.2. Winners will be announced on Sept. 9. First, second and third place winners will have their art published on In addition:

* 1st Place will receive a $100 Visa Card.

* 2nd Place will receive a $25 Visa Card and an RNS gift package that includes an RNS zippered drawstring bag, golf towel and solar power pack.

* 3rd Place will receive an RNS gift package that includes an RNS zippered drawstring bag, golf towel and solar power pack.

Do the math. That means you have over the weekend to hit the RNS website and cast your votes. Trust me, there are images there that are both fun and graceful, as well as traditional and rather inspiring.

The direct link to the contest ballot is found RIGHT HERE. Just do it folks.

I put one of my favorite images at the top of this post (although I could have chosen one of several others that I liked a lot).

The caption for this particular entry says:

#7 — Pope Francis as a doll by Zsuzsanna Benkene Jenoffy, Hungary (Handmade Doll)

“It’s not a drawing, but I thought, I’ll try to share with you.”

So as folks often say in Chicago, “Vote early, vote often.”

Share your views and opinions, please, in our comments pages. Be nice. In this case, that shouldn’t be hard.

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2 responses to “Imagine Pope Francis; help artists win prizes”

  1. I voted for the Pope riding his encyclical.
    Reminds me of a favorite water color/line drawing I’ve had for many years that portrays Lao Tzu in his monk’s outfit riding on his 10 speed Yin Yang.

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