Jesus is Not a Polygamist!

Jesus is Not a Polygamist! August 6, 2020

Jesus Christ is not a polygamist!

But this is sometimes, without meaning to, how we think about His relationship with us. Many Christians believe that their relationship with Jesus is primarily an individual one. In other words, it’s a direct, immediate relationship with Jesus, without any other men or women involved.

Although God does, indeed, relate to each of us individually, this relationship takes place in the context of the larger relationship between Christ and His Bride, the Church.

There are two and a half billion Christians in the world today. Does this mean that Jesus has two and a half billion brides? God forbid! That would make Jesus the ultimate polygamist.

Jesus has one and only one Bride: the Church. Each individual Christian is but one member of this beautiful and holy Bride of Jesus.

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