Spiritual Zombies

Spiritual Zombies May 22, 2016

Zombies from Night of the Livinig DeadActs 9:32-43

I want you to know that I died today.

I thought someone should know.

You might not have noticed, but it’s not really your fault.  You see: I’m a zombie.  I’m one of the millions who are seen every day, walking around as if they’re living, but who in reality are dead.

Some of us are truly dead, for we don’t know the way to Life.

Some of us aren’t even aware that we’re zombies because we’ve gotten past the point of feeling.

And some of us only feel like we’re dead.  But we’re aware that the life has gone out of us and that the joy and peace that should be ours have been robbed from us.

The surprising thing is that you know me.  There is a spiritual zombie in your life, undoubtedly, and probably more than one.  We’re not going to walk up to you and say, Hey _______ – guess what?  I feel like a spiritual zombie.”  But we feel that way nonetheless.

Some of you are close enough to us zombies that you should be able to see our torment and pain.  Some of you should be able to figure it out.  Surely, each of you who is healthy knows one spiritual zombie into whom you can breathe new life.

And, of course, it’s not all up to you who are healthy and living.  We zombies also have our responsibility, and some of you are not among the healthy and living but among the zombies.  Just like the zombies you see in the movies who walk slowly and stumblingly, but also unfailingly, to those who can give them new life, us spiritual zombies should so walk towards those who can give us life.  Surely, each of us zombies knows at least one person who can inject us with new life.

The truth is, once again, that at the end of Acts 9 we find one of the apostles continuing to do the things Jesus Christ began to do.  Just as Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, Peter raised Tabitha, or Dorcas, from the dead.  And once again I find that what Jesus did and the apostles continued to do is both something I cannot do and something I must do.

God has not given me the ability to call the Lazaruses who die in my life from the tomb or to call the Tabithas in my life to arise.  But He has placed into my life and yours those who are “spiritual zombies.”

Some of these may be unbelievers who need desperately to hear the Good News which is Jesus Christ.  But many of the spiritual zombies in your life are brothers and sisters in the Lord who carry a secret cross and need spiritual encouragement.

I’m not asking anyone to initiate an APB for all spiritual zombies that may be inhabiting their lives.  But I am asking each of you to consider the people in your life and see if there is anyone who the Holy Spirit is calling you to offer refreshment to.  This spiritual refreshment may take many forms.  It might be to thank someone for something or compliment them.  It may be to simply engage them in conversation.  It might be to share some joyful or celebratory event with them.  You may have been given the privilege of being able to offer spiritual counsel to one of these precious zombies.

Or maybe you are also one of these zombies.  Isn’t there someone in your life that you can approach?  Although it might be intimidating and fear-producing, is the Lord asking you to seek such counsel and life?

You and I may not be able to raise someone from the dead who has been in the tomb for four days.  Gold and silver have we none, but what we do have, we should give freely to all those in need.  For whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of water in the name of a disciple, he shall by no means lose his reward.

Prayer:  O Lord, You are the Life of the World and the Healer of the Nations.  Look down with mercy upon those who are suffering and afflicted.  As You raised Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, from the dead, we ask that through us You may give new life to those you have entrusted to us.  As you have offered spiritual refreshment through the Body and Blood of Your Son, may we, through Him, offer refreshment to all we see in need.  And since we ourselves are in constant need, feed us today with the Bread of Life and the Living Water, who is Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord.  Amen. 

Point for Meditation:  Who are the spiritual zombies in your life?  How might God be calling to you minister to them?

Resolution:  I resolve to find one way to offer spiritual refreshment to someone today.  Alternatively, I resolve to find one person who can offer spiritual refreshment to me today. 


Zombies from Night of the Living Dead – U.S. Public Domain

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