PrintMan of the House: A Handbook for Building a Shelter That Will Last in a World That is Falling Apart, by C. R. Wiley

Foreword by Leon J. Podles

Afterword by Allan C. Carlson

Published by Wipf and Stock.

“With wit and flair and a manly willingness to face the facts of life, Wiley shows us how to have a real household rather than a chilly wayside inn, and how to help build again the real local communities that require such households for their existence. Without a recovery of manhood, it is not going to happen. Pastors, this book is for you too.” Anthony Esolen, Providence College and author of Out of the Ashes, Reclaiming American Culture


Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 4.05.40 PMThe Purloined Boy
The Weirdling Cycle, Book 1, by C. R. Wiley

Silver Medal Winner of the 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

Gold Medal Winner in the National Young Adult Fiction category 2010 IPPY Awards –Independent Publisher

…a great story, …a pleasure to read. …beautifully written… —

…a fantasy world to rival the most unique. —

…everything that kids look for in Young Adult books and more. …a major find and certainly a joy to read. — Fantasy Book Critic

…took me completely by surprise. …(C. R. Wiley’s) writing style is absolutely charming and sinister all in the same breath… –

…a story that anybody can appreciate and indeed thrill to, but whose deeper foundations can be glimpsed by those with eyes to see. —Gilbert Magazine, the offical publication of The American Chesterton Society