Lovecraft and the Weirdness of God

The moniker “weird fiction” is associated with H. P. Lovecraft. He’s considered the font of the genre by some. But when you look at it, it is a little weird. I’m off to NecronomiCon tomorrow–the annual convention in H. P.’s honor that is conducted in Providence, Rhode Island each summer. I’m looking forward to it. (I’m covering it for Scenes Media.) And while H. P. and I disagree about many things, I find him a sympathetic figure and I’ve enjoyed... Read more

Latest Project: Daisy

Years ago, when my daughter was just a little girl, I told her stories, impromptu. – Usually these were forgotten almost as quickly as a dream. But a few of the stories stuck. One of those was the story of Daisy and her lost petals. – After telling myself for years, “I really ought to write that one down,” I’m finally doing just that. I’m also working on some illustrations. – Here’s how the story begins (at least for now):  ... Read more

Identity Politics Hates STEM

The nerdy faith that STEM is a haven from New Left identity politics has been proven to be naive by the firing of James Damore at Google. The New Left does not believe that nature gives us moral guidance of any kind. It is just another enemy. The only thing that matters is power. And if there is a biological basis for vocational aptitudes for the sexes, too bad for biology. To concede such would mean there will always be... Read more

Why I Don’t Give Advice Anymore

In many ways my life is a rags-to-riches story. I was thinking about this recently because I was working on the bio for my author website. The opening line of the bio there reads: C. R. Wiley’s childhood was like something out of a story by Roald Dahl. It was full of vacancies, like AWOL parents and school truancy. He was a ward of the state for a time. (Imagine living at the DMV and you have a sense of... Read more

Is It Time to Break Up Google?

Google has determined that sex differences are bad for business. Some commentators claim that Google is merely going along reluctantly with the tsunami of Political Correctness that is destroying local religiously-based cultures and traditional families around the world. The belief is that the latest purge of traditionalism at Google is just another example of a humiliating kowtow to the PC police. Someone dared to note the obvious–men and women tend to be drawn to different things and this isn’t just... Read more

Rev. Gore’s Altar Call: An Inconvenient Sequel Reviewed

It’s propaganda, but there is more Elmer Gantry than Goebbels to it. Rev. Gore has delivered an End Times sermon, complete with charts and an altar call. (My review of An Inconvenient Sequel originally published at Scenes Media and partially reproduced here by permission.) — I’m not a climate scientist, and I don’t play one on television. Even so, I was invited to a private screening of Al Gore’s new documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel. I’m sorry to say I don’t feel any... Read more

I’m interviewed on The Eric Metaxas Show

I was interviewed by my old friend John Zmirak for The Eric Metaxas Show. John and I discuss my book, Man of the House. The conversation is fairly free-ranging. But I think you get the gist of what the book is about. Here’s the link to the interview on Sound Cloud: — If you’d like to know more about my latest book before shelling out your hard-earned money for it, Wipf and Stock, the publisher of my book, Man of the House,... Read more

Interviews and Appearances over the Next Couple of Months

This has been a remarkably busy summer for me personally. Lot’s of milestones for the kids, and on top of my other responsibilities, I’ve not been able to post as frequently at Patheos as I would like to. But amid the busyness, I’ve been receiving requests to appear in different venues. If you’re interested in tuning in to hear me interviewed about my latest book, Man of the House–or you would actually like to attend an event where I will... Read more

Defining Misogyny Down

It is remarkable how presumptuous people can be. They fill the silences with their own fears and hatreds. I’m thinking of my little post from a couple of days ago where I reflected upon an article published by the BBC about highly educated women that have frozen their eggs because they can not find suitable men to settle down with to begin families. I erased all the ad hominem attacks, not because they hurt my feelings. (Some of them made... Read more

How to Make Sure Your Highly Educated Daughter Doesn’t Have to Freeze Her Eggs

One of the really dumb things about liberalism is its hands-off approach to child-rearing, particularly when it comes to “pursuing your dreams”. The damnable assumption is that our dreams are always in line with our true interests, and our vocations. It is a blind-spot. It’s this blind-spot where Reality tends to come on like a freight train. Dreams are not the self-generating things we believe them to be. Often the materials that make up our dreams are subtlety slipped into... Read more