First, if you want to reach men, it helps to be a man. Read more

I’ve come to see that Harry Potter truly is a Trojan Horse in one respect–and it’s pretty damning. Read more

If you know who Jack Donovan is, you don’t need me to explain what I’m getting at with the title of this post. If you have no idea what it means, keep reading. Read more

If you turn children into expensive hobbies don’t be surprised when people stop having them. Read more

The other day a person whose ignorance was only exceeded by his confidence said dismissively, “That sounds medieval!” My unspoken thought was, “You say that as though it is a bad thing.” I had already treated him rather roughly, trying to shake some sense into him on a couple of points, so I let his remark go unchallenged. But upon reflection I think anyone who dismisses something merely because its provenance is medieval is guilty of more than “chronological snobbery”–he’s… Read more

What do all these things have in common: broken home, Scientology, fatherhood, and writing? Answer: I’ve experienced them all. I was interviewed last week by a new friend for his podcast. The podcast is called The Chris Craft Show and it is hosted by, you guessed it, Chris Craft. Chris has a number of things going on and this podcast is a new venture. I encourage you to give it a listen. I enjoyed the conversation very much. Hopefully you… Read more

Well, lookie what came in the mail! My young adult fantasy series has just had a re-boot, I’m happy to say. Canonball Books has just released the first book. They’ve told me they are hard at work on editing book two (I’m sure my long suffering readers are glad to hear that.) Here’s a fun Youtube video of the books arriving at the warehouse. One of the great things about the re-release of the first book is you can get… Read more

Idolatry is making too much of a good thing. And this is what makes it subtle and hard to see. Read more

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