Does the Truth Even Matter Anymore to Conservatives?

Does the Truth Even Matter Anymore to Conservatives? August 1, 2015

Maybe somewhere in an alternate universe there is headline catching the attention of the masses: “FOX News Caught Intentionally Lying to Viewers. Shock Around the Nation as CEO Resigns in Shame.” But in this universe, no one bats an eye when we’re told that Fox News outright lies to their viewers. As a matter of fact, it has become an accepted and expected reality of our daily news consumption.

And I’m sure someone will respond to this post with, “Well, they all do it.” Firstly, that’s not true. That’s a false equivalency that we hide behind to avoid having to call out liars.  But, secondly, even if it were true, does that make it okay? Are you actually going to tell me that you’re okay with being lied to simply because you think the “other side” lies too?

I’m not okay with that. If I find out someone who shares my political beliefs has lied to me about something, I will give them hell until the make a correction. I insist on it because I know without a shadow of a doubt that progressive ideas are simply better. We don’t have to tell lies on conservatism; we only need to tell the truth. This makes me all-the-more angry when I come across lies from progressives — which I occasionally do.

Which makes me have to ask: do conservatives even care anymore? Do they care that the station they trust the most lies as blatantly and frequently as they do? Or is it more important to them to hear stories that confirm their biases no matter how untrue they are? What does it say about people who are ostensibly people of faith to reject the truth in favor of lies that make them feel good? It says to me that they are only interested in the truth up until the point that the truth conflicts with their political ideology. After that point, lies will do just fine.

Isaiah put it best:

So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter.” – Isaiah 59:14 NIV

Watch this clip where I caught Fox News in a blatant lie and the ease with which they fed this lie to their viewers.

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