Coco Cabrel, The Flamenco-Fit MD, uplifts professional women searching for Christian grace in their bodies and souls, even when life feels ungraceful to them. She uses her God-given gifts as a writer, speaker, dancer, and teaching MD to share devotional stories, fun workouts with Flamenco flair, and effective courses that help to rise triumphant over hardship. A graduate of the prestigious Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University, Coco brings 30 years of award-winning professorship in Flamenco dance, anatomy, and neurophysiology, plus graduate level training in screenwriting and storytelling, to her coaching and appearances on nationally syndicated “The List TV” (6X), KTLA’s “LA Unscripted” (2X), ABC 10’s “Your California Life” (2X), and Spectrum1 SoCal. She’s been featured in “Authority Magazine” and “ShoutOut SoCal” among other online magazines; she served as a panelist at Digital Hollywood, and she’s been a guest on podcasts such as WYTV7’s “Body, Mind, Spirit” and “Birth Re-Imagined.” Her podcast for Northwestern Intersections was voted one of the “Top 3 Podcasts of 2020” by Northwestern alumni around the world.