Evangelicals: you *know* what you need to do now

Evangelicals: you *know* what you need to do now February 15, 2021

Just a quick post here to say to evangelicals that Jesus never promised you a rose garden. He never told you that when you don’t get your way, you should throw a fit. He never even said that if you get cheated, you should get aggressive.

The person you’ve put your faith in has been terminated, and you’re angry and disappointed. You believe you’ve been cheated, your vote doesn’t count – we get that (half the country might not agree with you, but your point has gotten across).

If Jesus is at all still relevant to your life, you know what you’re supposed to do now.

Go back to your work, whatever that may be. Talk about your hero in the past tense. Grieve with other followers (remember social distancing). Walk the road to your Emmaus – back home to the life you had before.

When Jesus hung on the cross, none of the disciples said, “this sucks!” No one attacked the Praetorium. No one attacked the Temple. Jesus had many followers who recognized the injustice of his crucifixion, but they did not fight it.

(Remember, Jesus had even scolded Peter for cutting off a man’s ear in Gethsemane (John 18). He didn’t want violence.)

So, if you are still a Christian, if you still take to heart the words and deeds of Jesus and his disciples, you need to chillax.

If Donald Trump is the true messiah of American Evangelicalism, he will return.

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6 responses to “Evangelicals: you *know* what you need to do now”

  1. I say don’t worry at all, I’m sure another evil man will come along to flatter you, that you can support. In the meantime you’ve increased abortions, corruption, you redistributed wealth from poor people to the rich, you ripped children from their parents, you made lying and hypocrisy a thing for evangelicals like never before. Good luck, I would love to be present when you try to convince Jesus that he sent a pussy grabbing, adulterous, liar, greedy ConMan because he couldn’t find anybody decent out of nearly 400,000,000 Americans, to lead you.

  2. I’m not an Evangelical myself, but I do align with some of their views.

    That said I actually accept the fraudulently “elected” corrupt Biden/Harris administration as they were the most obvious evil that brings the world another big step closer to those dark times of tribulation that Jesus prophesied about in Matthew 24, and in Luke 18:8 where he said that when he returns “will he find faith on Earth”.

    Will you win that good fight of faith (1Timothy 6:12) in the coming dark years?

  3. Hey Harry, do you feel that the “corrupt Biden/Harris admin” is more corrupt than the Trump admin?

    And I wonder, since you don’t identify as Evangelical, where do you disagree with them?

  4. To Harry: bring your case about the fraudulent election of Biden and Harris to court. Yours can be the 62nd case to get kicked to the curb. And what will you do then? Storm the capital?
    Anyone’s support of Trump at this point, let alone evangelical support of him, is utterly laughable. That anyone actually wants 4 more years of his lies, gaslighting, racism, Qanon beliefs, etc. is evidence of a cult.

  5. No, they don’t know. Evangelicals are not people who are failing to meet what they know to be the correct, liberal standards for behavior. Their Christianity teaches them an entirely different moral standard, which they meet. Yet more proof that Liberal Christianity is absolutely **useless** at fixing the profound damage caused by Christians; you won’t even understand the problem.

  6. The “Christianity” of today’s evangelicals is entirely out of step with the founding principles of this country. It is we Democrats who are in line with the thinking of both the Democrat Jefferson and the Federalist Franklin. Evangelicals clearly wish for a political system which resembles more than anything that of Medieval Europe.
    Ah, but I’ve read a bit about Medieval Europe. No thanks.

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