So while President Biden, presumably out of an abundance of caution, withheld a shipment of one-ton bombs a few weeks, Israel has enough in its arsenal to produce plenty of carnage.

A GBU-39 could definitely (trigger warning) blow a baby’s head off, shred an adult’s body, or spark a massive fire that could burn bodies alive – all of which happened Sunday night in Rafah.

Bottom line: Regardless of the size of the bomb, regardless of Israel’s (and Biden’s) intentions, 45 Gazans, mostly women, children, and elders, died a horrific death. All the justifications, gosh-darn-its, and hand-wringing in the world won’t change that.

Our president has continued to tolerate Palestinian deaths, as well as war crime allegations against Netanyahu, genocide allegations against Israel, and global demands to halt the Rafah offensive.

He pretends to have limits. Earlier this month, he said, “if they go into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons.”

They went into Rafah.

Under questioning, NSC spokesman John Kirby equivocated. The president meant he won’t supply a major operation in Rafah. “A major ground operation is, you know, thousands and thousands of troops moving in a maneuvered, concentrated, coordinated way against a variety of targets on the ground,” he said.

This invasion, apparently, didn’t check all the boxes. Hallelujah, Israel is still in our good graces.

by Save_Palestine via Pixabay
Half of the population of Gaza is children.

Gaza is not.

The danger here is not only to Palestinians. When we see our American president taking sides with, and providing weapons to, a genocidal foreign government, when we see him rejecting international law, silencing the speech of his own constituents, and turning a deaf ear to entire voting blocs, we should worry. Joe Biden is not just giving our money to Israel – he is risking his second term in office for Israel.

I’m no Biden fan, but what I’m getting at is this: Biden has sold America out for Israel. He has made us a laughingstock for Israel. And he has as good as handed the presidency to a fascist – for Israel. For genocide.

Do not ask Palestinian Americans, Muslim Americans, and their allies to vote Democrat in November. Genocide is a bridge too far. Instead, ask yourself whether you did enough to stop the genocide.