About Grow Mama Grow

GrowMamaGrow is an online community of American Muslim mothers and young women. The project provides a supportive, friendly, and non-judgmental space for women to share experiences, support one another, grow in their spirituality, and inspire each other. GrowMamaGrow is a project of the Muslim American Society.

Explore our blog and make yourself at home! Visit the GrowMama Blog on the main page for inspirational posts on a wide range of topics. Browse through the archives for readings on parenting, self-awareness, relationships, organizing, and health. The GrowMama discussion board is the “kitchen table” of our site, where real women share life experiences, discover friendships, and support each other.

Join us!

Women of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds are welcome. The only discussion guideline we enforce is respect for all people.

The GrowMama Mission is to facilitate an online community that inspires and supports women in serving the Creator through striving for excellence in themselves, their families, and their life pursuits.

The GrowMama Vision: A generation of Muslim mothers who fulfill the roles entrusted to them with dedication, confidence, creativity, optimism, and balance.


We would love to hear from you! Grow Mama believes that every woman has something to share from her own personal experiences. Please send us three sample blog entries (in 400 words or less). Also, tell us about yourself and what attracts you to Grow Mama. InshaAllah, we will have our team review your submissions and the Grow Mama Blog Writing Coach will connect with you. Meanwhile, please keep posting on the site to ensure that you stay a part of the Grow Mama community!