Walking with God: A Bible Study I Heartily Recommend

Walking with God: A Bible Study I Heartily Recommend August 7, 2012

I picked up a copy of Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible, by Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins, for a couple of reasons.

First, someone raved about it on national radio.

Second, I’ve been feeling this tug to study Scripture in more depth, but time and time and time seem to be the big challenges I face in this season of my vocation (young kids + lots of other things to do + exhaustion at the end of the day).

And third, the publisher kindly agreed to send it to me when I wrote shamelessly begging asking for a copy.

It wasn’t a quick read, in part because I insisted to myself that I must read all accompanying Bible passages before I read the commentary. Big mistake for someone whose reading time is in unpredictable silos and whose brain is sometimes completely checked out.

Once I let go of the “need” to read the Bible along with it (wait, before you judge me, let me finish!), I found Walking with God to be a page-turner.

I was raised with a lot of Bible reading, and my familiarity with Bible stories and passages is pretty good, at least in the Catholic circles I’ve frequented for the last ten years.

In Walking with God, though, I found a study that took me deeper into the Bible in a way that made the history come alive. I didn’t realize how much of the drama I’ve missed by not being a scripture scholar! I didn’t know just how interesting the Bible could be!

And who knew there was an underlying theme to the whole thing?!?

Well, I mean, it all makes sense when I type it here. But I’m guilty of looking at the Bible as something necessary instead of as something desirable, as something that’s required reading instead of delightful drama, as something that’s just for this sliver of my life instead of as something applicable to every aspect of who I am.

I not only highly recommend Walking with God, I’ve pushed it on every single person who’s come into my path in the last month since I finished it. My pastor, the parish secretary, the poor lady before me at Adoration. I thought about printing up business card sized slips of paper to just pass out, but figured maybe I was going over the top.

Or maybe not.

Bottom line: get it. Read it. Revel in the enjoyment that can be found in the story of Scripture.

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