Forming Intentional Disciples – Study Group & Discount

Forming Intentional Disciples – Study Group & Discount May 23, 2013

This winter I reviewed Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell, and I think it’s one of the most important Catholic books on the market today.  Important enough that I’m putting together a study group in my own town, to meet and discuss the book.

And important enough that this summer, is hosting a St. Blog’s discussion group, led by Sarah Reinhard, whom you’ll recognize from the Happy Catholic Bookshelf.

But you don’t have a ton of money.  Our Sunday Visitor has a solution: From now until the end of the month, you can purchase the book from the publisher’s website for $10, free shipping, no minimum.  This is basically the wholesale price, and we FID fans are enormously grateful to OSV for offering this promotion. We asked for a little coupon, and they responded generously.

But Father doesn’t have time to read a whole book. Ah, no, I bet he doesn’t. has pre-released the weekly discussion questions, which include a cliff-notes executive summary of each chapter.  Find the link at the Lawn Chair Catechism landing page.

Tired of seeing your family members fall away from the Church? Sick of watching the same five ladies head every parish committee? Wishing you didn’t feel like a complete freak, because you try to be a half-decent Catholic in a world where few others care about their faith?  I strongly encourage you to join in the discussion this summer.

So does Will Duquette.

So does Mark Shea.

At home, online, wherever.  This is the hinge topic that determines the future of the Church.  No exaggeration.  A lukewarm Church is no Church at all.  And there are things you, personally, can do to keep the faith alive and on fire.  Now’s the time.

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