HEARTfelt is the blog of HEART Women & Girls a non-profit that promotes sexual and reproductive health in faith-based communities, particularly Muslim communities. With an emphasis on creating safe spaces free of blame and shame, we provide the following programming:

  • Health Education: virtual and in-person workshops for women and girls to learn about their sexual and reproductive health, in a way that is scientifically accurate, free of shame, and culturally-sensitive.
  • Advocacy: advocacy that all have safe, comfortable, and judgment free access to comprehensive, culturally-sensitive sexual and reproductive health education and services.
  • Research: Research to generate data specific to Muslim and faith communities about their various reproductive health issues.
  • Training: cultural competency and professional development trainings for those in the field to be able to serve Muslims and their reproductive health needs more effectively.

For more information on HEART Women & Girls, please visit or email Nadiah Mohajir at