You Never Thought Marriage Vows Could Be So Beneficial

You Never Thought Marriage Vows Could Be So Beneficial May 22, 2018
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 I Take Thee to Have and to Hold

What does it truly mean to have and hold your partner? When a person is “held” by someone they love it denotes a sense of safety and care.

You can show your partner love by always giving them due respect, by looking for ways to be kind to one another, and by embracing the fun side of your marriage.

Showing love also means being forgiving and choosing to let go of anger rather than letting resentment grow.

For Better or Worse

Couples should celebrate the joyful moments in their relationship. In fact, studies show that couples who celebrate their successes have happier, more successful marriages than those who show jealousy or indifference.

No couple is free from the downsides of life, whether it’s emotional struggles, family issues, or just being annoyed that your spouse forgot to do the laundry. Couples who strive for a successful marriage know that a relationship is like the sun. Sometimes it will rise, and sometimes it will fall, but in the end — it’s beautiful.

For richer or poorer

Marriage vows for her and him that talk about loving one another no matter your financial situation is a great lesson in love and money.

Not only does this remind couples to be humble about their wealth (or lack thereof) but also serves as a great reminder to talk about your finances together.

Discuss household finances and disclose any debts prior to tying the knot. Will you have a prenup or shared bank accounts? How will you split household and living expenses? Will you both be working to support each other? How will you tackle debt, budget, and save money?

The purpose of marriage is to have a partner to journey through life with, not to be spoiled by material things.

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