A Ritual for Nerthus, Goddess of the Earth

A Ritual for Nerthus, Goddess of the Earth May 19, 2019

Nerthus, an ancient Germanic Earth Goddess, is one of the lesser known deities in Heathenry. But She is absolutely worth honoring. This ritual for Her will bring you closer to the Earth and the land around you.

Set up a small shrine out of doors; in your backyard, a local park, or wherever you can be relatively assured of solitude. If absolutely necessary this can be done indoors as well; be sure to face a window or have some reminder of your local land available.

Needed items:
Representation of Nerthus – something as simple as a bowl of water to represent Her lake will work
Found objects from the land to decorate shrine – my permanent shrine has dried leaves and twigs from each tree in my yard, as well as feathers and other found things; this is a good place to start if you’re not sure what to use
Offerings for Nerthus and land wights – I often use birdseed or dried corn, but anything that does not
actively harm the land would probably be acceptable
Plans for an activity to help the land

Approach the shrine, calling out:
“I call to all the spirits of this land:
the dancing wights of stream and creek,
the swaying spirits of the trees,
the singing grasses played by the wind.
I call to the stones, solid and stoic,
to the dark and fertile earth beneath my feet,
to the flowers that fly open and fade away.
I call to the furred spirits, waiting for twilight,
the feathered wights that serenade the dawn,
the tiny crawling beings, spirits of scales and slick skin,
to all the spirits of this land.
Be welcome and pray welcome me.
Accept this offering!”
Scatter or place offerings for the wights before the shrine.

Bending or sitting as you are able, place your hands upon the earth.
“Hail Nerthus, veiled Goddess,
dark and silent in your sacred grove,
hiding your eyes from the hurt of the Earth.
Vibrant with life, shining with death,
keeper of the never-ending circles all things dwell within,
green that grows from dark decay.
I see the broken land, I work to right it;
join your power to mine, and bring life from this death,
lend your aid to me and mine as we heal the hurts.”
Scatter or place offerings to Nerthus before the shrine.

This is a great time to actually do some kind of service to the Earth – perhaps going around picking up trash, planting a tree, or any other activity that will benefit the land. If you are not able to do it right away, simply tell the spirits what you plan to do in service to the cause of helping the land.

“Hail to Nerthus, sweet mother of earth,
and all the wights that dwell here in this place.
I thank you for your gifts of sustenance, gifts of beauty.
Remember me as I will remember you.
Hail and farewell!”

The found objects should be left to continue to give beauty to this piece of land, unless you feel one is meant to come home with you.

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