Update on Lily and Maddison, the blind dog and her doggie guide pal

Update on Lily and Maddison, the blind dog and her doggie guide pal February 8, 2012
Lily and Maddison captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world.

Last fall, dog lovers around the world were captivated by the story of Lily the blind Great Dane and her companion Maddison. Lily became blind after doctors removed her eyes when she developed a condition called entropion and Maddison became her eyes to the world.

The dogs were turned over to Dogs Trust Shrewsbury in the UK when their owner couldn’t care for them. Their photo made the rounds on Facebook, until a family in Crewe, Cheshire, UK offered a home to both of these gentle giants.

And they lived happily ever after … well, eventually.

A reader alerted me to a BCC story from last November that said that Lily had been returned to Dogs Trust while Maddison remained in her new home. Oh no! So I contacted Dogs Trust for the whole story and they shared this update:

“Initially, Lily and Maddison found a home together, but there were some problems settling in. Both girls were returned to the centre to work with our behaviour specialists, and after extensive efforts it was decided that for their own safety and future happiness it would be better to rehome them separately. The family that had wanted to take them both was still very keen to be involved, and it was decided that the home would be best suited to Maddison.

Lily remained at the centre for just a few weeks longer and has now settled into her own home where she loves her walks and toys.”

Lily and Maddison were such great companions in their first home, but it’s not unusual for things to change when the circumstances change. Dogs aren’t robots; sometimes they just decide they don’t want to live together any more and there’s nothing that will change their minds. (I have two dogs who were great pals for six months, and then decided they detest each other.)

And maybe, from a spiritual sense, Lily and Maddison are exactly where they’re supposed to be. Two lovely dogs are blessings to two loving families.


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