Informal Reflections And Speculations: I Introduction

Informal Reflections And Speculations: I Introduction June 5, 2024

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I have been thinking about writing a new kinds of series for my blog, one which would be different in style than other things I publish on it, and today, I decided to start it. The series will be written in the first person, and it will be a much more informal presentation. I will use it to reflect on many different subject matters, from ideas or concerns going through my thoughts, to brief reviews over something I have recently seen or read.  I will, of course, continue to write my normal posts, which will not be so informal, but I have thought that a more informal series might attract new readers, and I hope, it would also interest my normal audience. As it is, this will be something of an experiment. I do not know how successful or interesting the series will be, but I hope, in the end, it will prove fruitful.

Why am I doing this now? It is an idea I have had for a few weeks. I have a few topics I want to write upon which I believe will work well in this format. But now, I have another reason. I am helping a family member who I took to the ER on Sunday, and has finally been admitted to the hospital.  They had serious breathing problems, and on Sunday morning, after not being able to sleep because of it, and pain they had while laying down, I took them to the ER. There, they were able to be monitored, and in doing so, find that their heart was racing and they had fluid in their lungs. The question is why. There are many possibilities, but until more tests are done, tests which hopefully will be done today (as I write this), the doctors do not have enough information to make a full diagnosis. So, I am visiting the hospital and helping take care of things for them, meaning, I will have far less time to write.

What has made things worse at the hospital is that it is undergoing a cyber-attack, one which has been going on for a few weeks. This has severely limited the hospital’s ability to use electronic charts and data, which has made things much slower, not only in the ER, but at the hospital where my family member has been  admitted. They were admitted Sunday afternoon, but only got a room a day later, and until they had the room, many tests could not be done. The ER could and did do some testing, which helped rule out a few possibilities, and confirm a few issues, as well as deal with the issues they knew, like giving oxygen, so being in the ER helped, and the doctors and nurses in the ER did an excellent job, but it was frustrating waiting for the hospital to have a free room.

Dealing with this will affect my writing. I have many blog posts written. While they are not all in  as polished a state as I would like, I will use them as needed, as I did today with my post, “Pride Has Us Do Good For The Wrong Reasons.” This is because I generally try to write posts in advance, and have them in various stages of preparation ready to publish in case of emergency, which of course, is now the case.  And so, while I have many posts near ready for publication, sometimes ready for weeks or even months ahead, I also try to write at least one post each week which deals with current events or conversations, something topical, which I cannot prepare the same way. For the time being, unless I have time and something important happens, this series will take the place of those posts.

So, I ask for you, the reader, to be understanding, to know I am not going to be able to monitor comments as much as I would like, nor expect all my blog posts to be as polished as I would like (in general, they never are, but I eventually determine that it is better to get something out than nothing!). I would also like  to ask you for your prayers, for my family member, as well as for myself as I help take care of them. And, if I end up posting less frequently, it is going to be because of what I am dealing with offline; right now, I do not expect that happening, as I have prepared many posts in advance in case something happens, even as writing this series of informal reflections, will help me write at a far quicker pace than normal, making it easier for me to keep on publishing while I am dealing with the needs of my loved one.



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N.B.:  While I read comments to moderate them, I rarely respond to them. If I don’t respond to your comment directly, don’t assume I am unthankful for it. I appreciate it. But I want readers to feel free to ask questions, and hopefully, dialogue with each other. I have shared what I wanted to say, though some responses will get a brief reply by me, or, if I find it interesting and something I can engage fully, as the foundation for another post. I have had many posts inspired or improved upon thanks to my readers.


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