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Bharat Ebook January 1, 2015

bharatCoverpageHere’s a wonderful ebook by Sadhguru on India and Bharat.

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Description: India is at a crossroads. Its past is slipping away faster than ever, and its future, with possibilities and challenges, is approaching at break-neck speed. In this ebook, Sadhguru looks at the past, present and future of this nation, and explores why this culture matters to every human being on the planet. He explains how Bharata, India’s ancient moniker, was itself a powerful instrument. Bha-ra-ta, encapsulates sensations (Bhava), tune (Raga) and rhythm (Tala), and as Sadhguru explains, “If you get the rhythm or the tala right, you will ride the raga – the tune that the source of creation has set – and life becomes beautiful.”

He elaborates on the multitude of instruments devised in this culture to calibrate this rhythm, and looks at how highly innovative and sophisticated practices originated in this country, ranging from mystical aspects such as the science of consecration (or prana pratishtha) to mundane aspects such as trade and commerce.

Finally, he speaks of the possibility and responsibility of the people of Bharata to enthral and embrace the world, with the technologies of inner wellbeing they inherited from the mystics of the past.

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