A Prayer Denied: A Journey of Faith and Friendship

A Prayer Denied: A Journey of Faith and Friendship September 29, 2023

A teen girl clasps her hands in prayer
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Growing up, my best friend and I were woven into a tapestry of Catholic traditions. Nestled between fervent prayers and earnest whispers to the heavens, our childhood was marked by a profound bond with our faith. The ritual of praying together wasn’t a strange or unusual act; it was just another layer of our friendship.

We’d often gather around tiny figurines or Virgin Mary nightlights scattered around our homes, uttering prayers with an innocence only children possess. This ritual evolved with us, persisting as we navigated through the tumultuous waves of adolescence.

One day, while walking through the familiar streets of our hometown, we stumbled upon a church we’d never visited before. Curiosity mingled with our spiritual longing, we decided to venture inside and offer our customary prayers. The sturdy, unwelcoming doors were locked, a barrier between us and the unseen spiritual sanctuary within. Just as we were retreating, our hopes fading, a woman emerged, providing a fleeting opportunity to enter. Seizing the moment, I grabbed the door, but our attempt was thwarted as she stopped us from entering, an unspoken barrier hovering in the air.

Why Would Anyone Deny Someone a Place to Pray

“Can I help you?” she asked as she blocked my path.

“We just wanted to go inside and pray,” I replied.

“The church is closed,” she said. Her voice was not kind.

Why would anyone deny someone a place to pray? I wondered. Didn’t my friend and I look like the praying type?

We were annoyed as we walked through the whole city, our footsteps making sounds in the quiet streets, full of many unseen stories. We finally got to our local church and sat in its nice courtyard, feeling better in the place we knew well. There, under the setting sun, we prayed, our voices mixing with the sound of the wind and the leaves.

Our prayers that day were expressions of love, filled with hope and strength. We asked for kindness and power. Our words were like a nice song in the quiet air around us. Each word felt like a stroke of paint on a special canvas. Our common belief felt like a dance under the watchful eyes of the universe.

This quiet mix of our souls stayed in the light of the setting sun, giving us comfort. It was a dance of shadows and light, mixing the holy and the everyday, leaving memories on the quiet walls of our safe place.

It Didn’t Matter What We Prayed About, Only That We Prayed

We journeyed back home bathed in the soft whispers of the night. The city, now a realm of shadows and reflections, unveiled tales of unseen lives, unwritten stories whispering in the dim light. We walked back, the echoes of our silent symphony still reverberating in our hearts, our steps accompanied by the silent musings of the moon.

We talked about our prayers. She and I had prayed for the same things, or should I say the same people? In the courtyard of the church, we’d prayed about the boys we liked. We had walked clear across the city to talk to the Virgin Mary about our crushes.

The way I figured it, it didn’t matter what we had prayed about, only that we had prayed.

The evening was calm and peaceful, a quiet reminder of our connection to something bigger. At that hour, the once lively city was now quiet, watching our journey, our shadows moving along with the stars above.

Our houses were waiting for us, now more silent than before. The statue of Virgin Mary was looking over us, helping us find our way in life. Every corner seemed to have the quiet remains of our prayers, protecting our spiritual journey.

We Didn’t Tell Our Families About the Woman Who Denied Our Request to Pray in Her Church

The city had its own quiet nightlife. Our prayers became part of the bigger world around us.

Our families welcomed us and we felt their love. Being at home felt good because of our shared history and our connection to God.

The day ended with comforting thoughts about God, and our spiritual experiences became a lasting part of the bigger world. Our journey became a lasting song in the silent world of our faith.

That day, going to different places to pray taught us a lot. We learned that connecting with God is more than just going to church; it’s bigger than any place or building.

We learned from our experiences that our spiritual journey is a sacred connection with the everlasting, wherever we are. True connection with God is in our genuine desire to seek, understand, love, and be part of something bigger.

Our walk through the city and praying at our local church made us understand more. It made us think about the unseen connections in the world, the joining of spirits with the everlasting, and living in the silence of faith.

We understood that our shared prayers and hopes are lasting songs in the silent world of God, timeless parts of the universe’s rhythm.

About Tracey Folly
I was born and raised Catholic, attended a Catholic high school, dabbled in born-again Christianity, became an ordained minister (Universal Life Church), converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and then resigned from the LDS, in that order. My search for religion may have taken me in different directions, but my belief in God never wavered. You can read more about the author here.

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