November 17, 2016

The election had me upset beyond belief. Not because my “team” lost, but because the man we elected has promised that a goal of his administration would be to effectively declare war on people I care about. People I pastor. People I love. People I am married to. Read more

November 1, 2016

The economically poor do not exist to be agents of your transformation. They are not props in the story of you. Read more

October 27, 2016

“Those people all act like they are better than me. Like they don’t have any problems. Like they don’t cheat on their wives, or lie to their friends or shop too much, or drink when they think no one is looking. They look down on me, because they can hide what’s wrong with them, and I can’t." Read more

October 26, 2016

In our weekly services at Love Wins Ministries, we have short sermons. Like, super short. Like five minutes. Maybe eight. Because no one ever said, “Man, I wish he had talked longer.” But also because we don’t believe that the Spirit speaks only through the person behind the podium, but that the Spirit is available to all of us, and therefore what the Spirit says to Jack, or Marie, or Cowboy can be as valid – maybe more valid –... Read more

October 22, 2016

Because every creator delights in seeing their creation being fully utilized, God is delighted that you are Gay. Not just that you are attracted to other people, but your expressing your sexuality makes God happy. In exactly the same way that it makes God happy that you like to paint, or that you like to run, or that you enjoy music. Your being Gay, realizing you are Gay, seeking to express your gayness – all of that makes God giddy with joy. Read more

October 6, 2016

An acquaintance of mine, a man who is a deacon in a local church, stopped by, and asked if he could talk to me. We sat down in the small conference room at the community center we run. “What do y’all do about sex offenders in church?” he asked. Read more

October 3, 2016

Hi. I’m new here. My name is Hugh, and I am a minister. At least, that is what it says on the paperwork. Being Mennonite, the ‘m’ on minister on the paperwork is lowercase. Lest I slip into being proud, or some such as that. I’m the pastor at Love Wins Ministries, here in Raleigh, NC. My congregation is a lot like yours, most likely. We have fears and dreams, marriages and divorces, babies born and stillborn, baptisms, funerals, weekly... Read more

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