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Karen shares her story from agnostic to believer in these episodes of I Believe: Expressions of Faith: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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Journey to Faith in God: Agnostic to Believer

Karen TrifilettiI remember where I was as a young girl, standing on the staircase landing leading from my bedroom to the main level of our suburban Philadelphia home, paused in reflection…

“Who am I, really?”
“Why am I here? In this family? At this time?”

Those wonderings proved the beginning of a 20-plus year search to find God, meaning, purpose, truth, answers to life’s most salient questions (and I’m here hoping that in sharing God’s plan and my journey, it will take you less time than it took me to find truth!). As a youngster, I hungered to know, and yet, I felt spiritually malnourished.

Raised in the Catholic faith, I studied the catechism and tried to comprehend the creeds taught in the faith, but questions surfaced continually, which were largely unanswered then–however grateful I was for the underpinnings of an eventual faith in God.

I wondered, for example:
Who engaged in the war in heaven? (Besides Jesus and Lucifer, that is.)
How can God the Father be Jesus Christ too?
Why did we pray through Mary to get to God?
Why did we confess sins twice “for additional grace?”
Why did we repeat prayers when we said the rosary?

Living on a spiritual fare of milk and toast, I drifted through life aimlessly, observant but confused about the big picture. I wanted to have a frame for my actions and not to exist purposelessly.

Questions about life surfaced like crocuses after the first spring thaw, the instant I gave them the least opportunity. I buried them again after each flawed or partial attempt to find answers. Although I knew I was being guided in my search, I waxed impatient; it seemed to take so long to try to piece together the puzzle of life’s purpose. I had pieces but thought I might never arrive at a core understanding of the eternal plan for our lives.

That changed dramatically…. The podcast episodes cited above: Karen’s Story: Coming to Know God is about the “‘rest of the story,” which I have shared with you. From there, other casts expand on knowing truth, knowing God, Christ’s sufficiency, the origin of man, the nature of evil, etc. My greatest desire is to help others find what I sought for so long–answers to life’s questions, the truth about the goodness and character of God, the mission of Jesus Christ, His atonement, His resurrection and its implications, and the establishment of Christ’s Church on the earth. And to have each of us lived intentioned lives as His disciples, giving Him the glory.

It is Jesus Christ who answered my questions about life, about its origin, purpose, and my destiny, through the Holy Ghost. It is He who has become my close friend, who is my Savior, my Advocate with the Father, in the way to salvation and eternal life. He goes before me.

He opens my eyes to things I’d never see on my own.
He colors my world; He changes me.
He tutors me, He sends angels to minister.
He finds things I’ve lost.
He embraces me and reveals Himself to me continually.
He challenges me; He encourages me; He corrects me.
He provides me with wisdom and hope.
He beckons me.
He intercedes for me.
He continually extends His reach towards me, and extends my reaching of Him, my understanding of His atonement.

I hope we can be intentioned followers of Jesus Christ and share His message of redemption with the world. I hope you’ll engage and ‘come unto Him’ through the Spirit as you view these podcasts.

I’d love to hear God reaches out to you and loved ones through them.

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