Catholic Church real enemy

Catholic Church real enemy February 22, 2018

Following the confidences of the Jesuit Father Silvano Fausti, who passed away not long ago, we must agree that the conclave which elected Benedict XVI was the result of a compromise between the conservative wing, represented by Cardinal Ratzinger, and the progressive wing, represented by Cardinal Martini . Now, what was the purpose of this compromise? Was to avoid the rise to the papacy of a cardinal of the curia that was unwelcomed by both parties.

Father Fausti was confessor and confidant of Cardinal Martini, then his statements should be taken seriously. What is interesting to observe, and perhaps learn from this incident, it is that the real problem of the Vatican often lies not in the struggles between progressives and conservatives, but in the intrigues of the most numerous group, the opportunists. The opportunists are the largest group, made up of those who are equipped with unsteady and  badly judged vocations and found themselves working in the Curia and for reasons known only to Divine Providence have also made a career, sometimes going as far as the threshold of the papacy. I know people who truly love the Church among progressives and conservatives; I do not know any among the opportunists. Certainly the distances are large and the problems are serious between progressives and conservatives, but the ultimate goal of the best of these people is to serve the Church. With the opportunists you cannot be wrong: the ultimate goal is always to make use of the Church.



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