Souls in exile

Souls in exile August 4, 2016
PrayerLiving in these times in the Catholic Church is difficult. And the problem is certainly not Pope Francis or Pope Benedict XVI. The problem is that the Church, in my opinion, lives in a time of confusion and conflict that is really difficult to resolve. I admit that going to Mass is for me at times is a huge effort. I cannot stand the approximation of the liturgies, the show of some (too many!) Priests, the disgraceful level of liturgical music. There is a disease that is eating Catholicism piece by piece and unfortunately this enemy lives within us, the mystical body of the Church.
I do not deny that this or that Pope can help make the situation better or worse. But now the evil is so deep that I doubt their influence can be effective. I feel as if the soul were in exile, as if it should stay away from what would be its natural resting place for not being infected. Of course there is always hope but it becomes increasingly dimmer. The crisis of the liturgy, especially in Italy, has now deep roots and difficult to eliminate.

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