Cultural identity

Cultural identity August 5, 2016
ombre_enebbia4One of the most frequent objections when great tragedies happen with many deaths, tragedies that touch us closely geographically or culturally, is this: “Why don’t you also think of other similar tragedies in other parts of the world? People do not have the same importance?” Certainly before God a tragedy in Europe, Asia, Africa and so on has the same importance, but not among men, being natural that I should feel more concerned with events that touch me closely, culturally or geographically.
This is the cultural identity problem that for many is not considered as important. Is it natural that I should feel affected in the same way from tragedies that happen far from me? Certainly not, as anyone working in the media knows. But the defenders of political correctness are always there to remind us that we should feel guilty about what is happening at a great distance from us. As mentioned these tragedies are equal in God’s eyes, but not for men; those who think the opposite are not giving th right importance to the cultural identity of each individual and to the fact that God became man, but today man often try to make himself god.

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