Cardinal Sarah

Cardinal Sarah August 6, 2016
SarahI’m beginning to have more and more sympathy for the Cardinal Robert Sarah. And the reason why I like him is not just his desire to restore dignity to the liturgy, but also the fact that the poor Cardinal has the courage to challenge the discourse that now everyone accepts, that of a reform that has betrayed the council but that you cannot change. The Cardinal is also rebuked with official statements and must accept these humiliations knowing that what he is saying it will cost him something. In the movie Braveheart it has been said: “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.” Here, it should be acknowledged to the Cardinal that he, like few other prelates, is trying to follow his heart in a difficult environment, in an environment in which many try to interpret what the Pope thinks (and not what the Church thinks) in order to please him and to be the first in line for any promotions.
I do not envy Cardinal Sarah, but I share the difficulties and the struggle in a fight which is now almost lost. The Church has taken a route that will be virtually impossible to change, unless there will be many others Cardinals as Sarah. May God put his finger and recreate the Church.

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