Tu es sacerdos in aeternum

Tu es sacerdos in aeternum July 15, 2016
Alberto SordiI think it is not wrong to keep a healthy distance from others. Altruism that we learn from the Christian religion, to love others as oneself, is when you understand that this is often a sacrifice, we are not inclined to love others in itself, but we do it as a sign of Christian love. Sometimes it is good to defend themselves from possible disappointments.
This is often true even with regard to the love for priests. Many of us would be inclined to have strong anti-clerical sentiments, given the level of many priests, their unreliability, their lack of interest in our concrete sufferings, their being locked in their clerical world. Yet a big win is just to dominate the sense of contempt that grows in our soul and understand that Jesus is much bigger than these miseries and these wretched ones. And we, in our own way, we are also certainly miserable. There are many examples of good priests truly at the service of God and close to the people in the history of Christianity: we look at these and try to divert our attention from falsehood, selfishness and perversion that badly afflict so many servants of God in our time.
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