My new blogging home

My new blogging home October 7, 2015

I’d like to invite readers of this blog to come with me as I set up shop in a new place. My new homepage will be my main blogging platform now.

I also have a new post about millennials and the culture of “story.” Here’s an excerpt:

For a millennial, a story isn’t just a mark of identification, it’s a holy source of authority. I say holy with all seriousness. Even millennials with deeply held religious beliefs often talk about those beliefs not as universal realities that concern billions of people and with trans-historic importance, but as a part of their individual story. To disagree with someone’s religion is, for a millennial, not so much a challenge to an objective set of truth claims as it is a personal challenge to someone’s identity, worth, and value. To question my religion is to question me, and to question me is to try to invade my “movie” to create your own.

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