First Try is a Victory!

First Try is a Victory! February 25, 2023



life can wear on us/williams


I have had a major victory this last month, and I thought this would be a great platform for you all to hear/read about it.

I have successfully used my new insurance status on Medicare!

Yup, got the red, white, and blue card and everything. It was no small feat. If you are on Medicare, you know what I am talking about. Do you do the Advantage pipeline or the supplement? If you do the supplement, which insurance do you take? Oh, and get this, Medicare isn’t free.


     …a big chunk….

There is a big chunk of that bad boy you have to pay for. Do you want a high deductible? How about a pharmacy plan, you need one of those. Dental? I have dental through another plan. What about vision?

The thing about this whole circus dance is you need something. You need several things. If you do it right, and so far, so good-I have, you might save money from whatever you had before. So far, I filled one script.


I didn’t have to get my wallet out with the five cards of health coverage proof. Right behind my auto insurance card and my son’s business card with the handwritten words ‘In case of emergency” written on it. You know, in case someone finds me floating in the canal-again. Don’t ask.

     I haven’t tested….

I haven’t tested the waters with doctor visits yet except for my chiropractor. I’m still in the deductible thing so it’s easy for a while. I pay for everything. There. That’s easy.

The other thing about this time, this season, is it does remind me, pretty vividly, I am getting older. When I was a kid-teenager, I used my body like it was free. Sports, running, biking, if it wasn’t tied down or drugged, I would try it. Then, I approached the age of forty-two and, coincidently enough, the same year as the second millennial and everyone thought the world would melt down. I thought ‘gee, what a coincidence, my body feels like its, well, melting down.’ My hands look like they’re melting.

     My memory….

Fast forward twenty-three years and it is-sore. My memory is not as sharp. I walk into the kitchen and realize I have no idea why I am there. It takes me three strides from a sitting position to stand up straight. Of course, I did that when I was twenty-one as well. But now its significantly more married to my age. I have trouble turning my head to the left. Of course, that could be from flying my bike into the canal at about twenty miles an hour and landing on my shoulder. I heard in grind on the submerged bricks. Hence the need for my son’s business card in my wallet. “Hey, we found your dad.”

But I also imagine the God of the Universe, who calls me his child-let me repeat that-His child, has me still here because there is a plan-a perfect plan. His Plan. 

It might just be this life I’m living. A continuation of what I am doing now. Not everyone can be a guardian of the galaxy. Frankly, I don’t want to do that. Besides all those people are young and not sore yet. I realize as I age, I get smarter. The more times I put my hand on the burning stove, the smarter I get about the next time I put my hand on the burning stove. Eventually, I will stop-maybe. But that is part of the plan as well. This is a process. A long and sometimes arduous process.

     The miracle of lamination.

So, I laminate my cards and shove them in my wallet. I made it seven years longer than my dad, ten years longer than my mother. The card kinda means I made it, sort of. You could be sixty-five and living in a box and eating out of trash cans and probably still, somehow, get the card, but still, it’s a marker. I’ll take it.

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About Mark Williams
Mark Williams retired from law enforcement in Arizona with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Organized Crime Division, Special Investigations Section, after twenty-one years of service and has been teaching English in an inner-city high school since 2001. He has frequently traveled around the United States to speak about adult education and law enforcement recently training educators on school safety from active shooters with his book, Forty-Seven Seconds. You can read more about the author here.

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