We have a Job to Do-Daily

We have a Job to Do-Daily March 5, 2023

Williams in God’s peace



Wow! We have our work cut out for us. We have a job to do-daily! How far have we come, the local Fox news report will reflect.

     …a local school board….

A local elementary school board, agreed with a new school board member—a first year school board member who has identified herself as a “…bilingual, disabled, neurodivergent, queer, black, Latina…” made a motion and it was voted on and passed to separate the school district from their five year contract with a local Christian university and their student teachers who have been finishing their teaching program for years by doing their student teaching in the district’s schools.


First, I can understand the ‘disabled’ claim, but does anyone know what neurodivergent means? Siri says it means ‘…is a non-medial term that describes people whose brains develop or work differently for some reason.’

Maybe I agree with that part as well.

    …what about….

But what about the other board members who claim the partnership with a school who have a foundation in a peaceful loving God and voice a ‘concern’ when they go to the school’s website and see they are ‘committed to Jesus Christ accomplishing his will and advancements on earth as in Heaven,’ they decided it was a smart thing to not have people like that around.

As a teacher, I can almost-almost guarantee those student teachers don’t stand in front of the class and proselytize their faith to those students.



Christian persecution has been happening since the word arrived. Sometimes, Christians bring it on themselves with sometimes the mask of self-righteousness and I know better and you better get your act together or you will burn in hell!

No one wants to burn in hell. Or anywhere else for that matter.

God help the person who criticizes their decision. They will be labeled as something they really aren’t. Something causing the world to turn and see where the noise is coming from. They will be screamed at and finger-pointed with accusations if people don’t believe this way, hence, more screaming.

     …went on record….

The school board also went on record to claim their ‘pronoun’ of choice. Next—standby, furries will be given permission to be a part of the discussion. For those of you who don’t know, that is where children identify as an animal. Including using a litter box in the restrooms. Yep, that is not a movie on Netflix. It is a real discussion.

Parents and residents of this community elected this board. They will get what they pay for. Litter boxes in the restrooms and student teachers who would love to love our kids, banned. It makes sense—at least to them.

Here, I guess if you’re going to scream, scream about this-


This thing, along with gender identity, is an issue we don’t want to say out loud. There is the screaming we have to deal with.

It is mental illness.


Don’t scream at me, scream at the science. A term we like to use to justify our lives. Yep. We have a male and a female of a species. Two are needed to make the next generation. The equipment to do that requires two different sexes.


If one does not want to, something is wrong. If it happened to, let’s say, the American Bison, they would go extinct. Or the Bald Eagle, or turtles. It would only take one generation and poof—gone. It could be physical like the issues with pituitary glands. Or, and probably much more likely, its mental illness.  Maybe Ms/them/her/it/him school board member was right in her diagnosis of neurodivergent. We are made this way for a scientific reason.

Here is what it also means—it does not mean we abandon those people, ostracize them, cut them from society. We never have permission to put on those damn self-righteous glasses. They are broken or at least bent. Nope, we love them, work with them, care about them, laugh with them, support them, move closer to them and care about them.


At least, that’s what Jesus would do.

And his name would probably never be mentioned. Not until that bent person, over a glass of wine, or pizza would dare to trust that person with themselves. ‘You know I am….’

‘Yep,’ they would respond.

‘But you have never judged me or commented about it.’

‘Nope. Not until you give me permission. Which might be never.’

‘Why not?’


‘Did you need me too? Or do you want another slice of pizza?’

Imagine a world responding to each other out of love, and not hiddenness. Slowly, over years, the bent gets unbent. Healing happens. Lives are restored. And labels slide away. For the rest of their lives, they may be …disabled…queer…’ and whatever else you want to call it; however, they will be loved and feel loved. That only comes from the Holy Spirit living in each of us.

Oh, and it is not from this earth.


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About Mark Williams
Mark Williams retired from law enforcement in Arizona with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Organized Crime Division, Special Investigations Section, after twenty-one years of service and has been teaching English in an inner city high school since 2001, retiring in 2019. He has frequently traveled around the United States to speak about adult education and law enforcement recently training educators on school safety from active shooters with his book, Forty-Seven Seconds. Keeping with his belief that a good book and comfortable bed equal the perfect end to any day, Mark has authored several fictional pieces, including screenplays, short stories, magazine stories, training manuals, and novels and can be found on his website. He was married for over thirty-seven years, and recently widowed. He has three grown children, and ten grandchildren. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. You can read more about the author here.

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