Walk On!

Walk On! March 12, 2023

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God loves music/Williams

And so we walk on….

You mostly read my stuff on Wednesdays and/or Sundays. The reason is sometimes, I use my Facebook posts to warm up on. Like a piano player doing the scales before they actually play a song. Like they’re exercising their fingers, getting them all stretched and limber. This helps my mind get creative. Especially in the early early morning. The sun still has and hour or two before it wakes up.

Sometimes, the posts are funny, at least I think they are. Sometimes, they are overtly spiritual more than funny. Either one are created in the calm and peace of early morning. Now, if you’re on the east coast or farther, and it’s five in the morning your time, no, I’m not up except to use the bathroom—again. But if you’re on the west coast, I’m working on my second cup of joe.

     I hope you feel valued.

If you have read my posts, I think, for the most part, they are encouraging. I hope so and if nothing else, you feel valued and never made fun of. I am supposed to be an encourager. God gives us at least one gifting. Sometimes more. If you’re starting a church or maybe running a country, you have dramatically more. But mine is encouragement in Romans and 1 Peter. I don’t think Dad wants me running a country, although I think I would be pretty good at it. I would also probably be impeached in the first six months.

As I get older, I have discovered I will speak truth probably too much. That’s my assignment as we all travel through this life on this rock. To prop others up, sometimes with dark humor in dark situations. When I had my career in law enforcement, I was the guy on search warrants that kept things light. Like asking the other agents on a warrant as we put on our body armor, if it made my hips look big. Or like this morning in the shower.

     I light candles.

I don’t turn a light on in the house in the morning or even at night. If I was blind, for the most part, I would be fine, except for sock color choices. But I guess I could have someone sort them in order in a drawer. I light candles. Why? Try it and tell me your blood pressure doesn’t drop thirty points when the morning calm is back lit by mood-lighting candles.

I am a creature of extreme habit starting in the morning. First, I reach for my glasses and cell phone and do my Wordle while I wait for the house to warm up after getting up and starting the heat, just a bit, change the dogs’ water, open some curtains, light some candles. I don’t want to harsh my mellow. Every day. Like I said, a creature of incredible habit.

     I like my tribal dance!

The morning routine starts with showering and shaving in the dark as part of the whole cleansing aspect. I turn the music on I keep on my cell phone and sometimes, I do a little tribal dance routine—in the shower—depending on the tune. Not a big tribal dance, like one you would do in a Conga line on a Caribbean Island. The shower is as big as if you were in a submarine, owned by a third world nation—not big. But I can still get my patented hip thrusters going. Of course, if I slipped and fell I would bounce off of three sides of the shower, but I still had enough room for one this morning.

Sometimes, the song just makes you want to dance. God, in my belief, made music to inspire. He made it to encourage. That’s my wheelhouse. I like the tune and sometimes, I even know the words, but most of the time not. I was invited to a birthday party last night and they had a trivia contest. They had ten songs and I had to match them to the band-from 1963. The same year the birthday boy was born.

     …one out of ten.

I got one out of ten.

But many of the songs I had heard. I just couldn’t tell you the lyrics or the band. So, we come to the music in the shower.

I am sharing it—the song—with you.

     Let people talk about you.

If you have read my stuff, you know I, occasionally, give you a song to car dance too. Tap your fingers on the steering wheel. Head bob. Maybe even sing to or better, make up words that you think would fit. I might have even given this tune to you before. Get off my back. Don’t judge me. But this one is worthy of some shower hip thrusters or in the cereal aisle while pushing your shopping cart. Go ahead, let people talk. They will smile at you. You will bring them a light moment in a time when light moments are rare. Imagine, for a minute, the mind of a God, who used a song from years ago, to motivate a guy you have never met, to dance in the shower, and enjoy it so much, he reminded you of it, so you could dance in a cereal aisle and make someone smile who might be having the worst day of their life?

Yeah, that’s my God.

Walk on.



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About Mark Williams
Mark Williams retired from law enforcement in Arizona with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Organized Crime Division, Special Investigations Section, after twenty-one years of service and has been teaching English in an inner city high school since 2001, retiring in 2019. He has frequently traveled around the United States to speak about adult education and law enforcement recently training educators on school safety from active shooters with his book, Forty-Seven Seconds. Keeping with his belief that a good book and comfortable bed equal the perfect end to any day, Mark has authored several fictional pieces, including screenplays, short stories, magazine stories, training manuals, and novels and can be found on his website. He was married for over thirty-seven years, and recently widowed. He has three grown children, and ten grandchildren. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. You can read more about the author here.

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