Ten Things Jesus Did NOT Say

Ten Things Jesus Did NOT Say April 22, 2024

Jesus tombstone carving image intended to imply that Jesus image should be carved not on stone but our hearts

Jesus contradicts and rebukes modern Western Culture.  Are his followers today counter cultural enough?

1. Follow your heart

Instead Jesus said, Follow me(John 8:12). When Jesus tells us to follow him he doesn’t mean to subscribe to his updates on social media.  He commands us to follow only him. MORE

2. Look after your self first

Instead Jesus said ”deny yourself, take up your cross” (Luke 9:23). How do we become more like Christ? We submit every area of our lives to His authority. Nothing must be excluded from His influence, and nothing must be withheld from His control. MORE

3. Believe in yourself

Instead Jesus said, “Believe in me.” (John 14:1). Mere ‘belief’ that doesn’t effect our heart or our actions will not save us. If we truly believe anything we will act accordingly. MORE

4. Choose your own truth and identity

Instead Jesus said. “I AM THE TRUTH.”  (John 14:6). The route to true freedom and identity is by sharing in Christ’s riches. MORE.

5. Cancel those who offend you

Instead Jesus said forgive others  “70 times 7 times.” (Matt 18:22). How can we claim to have been forgiven by God if we won’t forgive each other? Jesus tells us to take responsibility for our own sins and failings and also forgive those who sin against us.  MORE

6. You can achieve anything you want

Instead Jesus said without me you can do nothing (John 15:5). What a challenge this is to us, because it demolishes our proud independence. Sometimes I think that one of the main purposes of suffering is to rob us of this ridiculous delusion of invulnerability that we all like to foster.  MORE

7. Chase the dream of financial success

Instead Jesus said “what will it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his own soul” (Mark 8:36). Jesus also tells us to be compassionate towards the poor and needy and work for justice for them. MORE

8. All religions are basically the same

Instead Jesus said “I am THE way (John 14:6) The only way to be sure that you are going to heaven is by expressing your faith in Jesus, following him, and believing in his physical resurrection. MORE

9. Fight to get ahead.

Instead Jesus said “the meek shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5) Meekness is ’an attitude of humility toward God and gentleness toward people, springing from a recognition that God is in control. Although weakness and meekness may look similar, they are not the same. Weakness is due to negative circumstances, such as lack of strength or lack of courage. But meekness is due to a person’s conscious choice. It is strength and courage under control, coupled with kindness’ (Youngblood, R. F., Bruce, et al  (1995). Nelson’s new illustrated Bible dictionary.

10. Think positive and all will be fine

Instead Jesus said “in this world you will have troubles” (John 16:33) Jesus always keeps his promises. Nobody names and claims that promise!  MORE.


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