This Is My King

This Is My King December 30, 2023
Merry Christmas


I published this on my Facebook page on Christmas Day. I’m not sure why I waited until today to share it with you all. Satan? Laziness? Distractions of things going on? Probably all of them. But maybe after all the hype, you might be ready for the backside of the adrenaline dump. This was how I felt and still feel, probably daily. The song at the end is a familiar one and seems to call me every year, and in this new model of the song, it might capture you as well. I am pretty sure the boys don’t mind if I pass it to you.

     Give yourself a break

Listen to yourself and give that self a break. God-his Son-me being His adopted son and our Lord’s brother is because of what He did on the cross. It is a historical fact and oh, it was just for you. You alone. He made it that way for all of us. He did it for the individual, not a group discount.
This morning, right on schedule, we find ourselves in the same spot, the same day, the same so called ‘celebration.’ Only for a lot of us, we don’t feel like celebrating.
Boy, do I get that.

     The ‘list’

We have a ‘list’ of issues. Some chronic, some a complete surprise, some not so surprising. Some are caused by us, some by people we don’t even know. And frankly, if there was this Jesus they speak of, why is this God of Love allowing so much pain? ‘Why am I so alone? I’ve hurt so bad for so long.’
‘Why, if you exist, have you abandoned me?’
I get that.
So, if he—Jesus—doesn’t exist. It’s a short conversation. We’re dead.
We then live for ourselves, as try to get as much and as fast as we can collect it.
What if, this guy was predicted, and he actually showed up hundreds of years later? How about—he didn’t come to change the government, or cancer or your marriage, he actually came to change, well, you? Maybe he wants to live in you and each day, each moment, it was Him, like it was predicted, working on you, loving you like you’ve never been loved? What if that landed on everyone whose only requirement was they dared to believe it was possible? A smidgen of faith, bought you—freedom?
Wouldn’t that change the world?

     We have God on our timeline, not His

We look at God on our timeline. ‘God, why didn’t you do what you said years ago and we are still waiting? You can’t see this unseen hand moving amongst us, does that mean it doesn’t exist? Or could it be a Perfect Plan—just for you? What if this morning, was done—just for you? Yeah, what if the Son of the God who pushed out the universe, came here just because of you?
‘Williams, what the hell are you talking about? For me? One guy? Just for me? No way. I’m a volume guy. Me? Alone? I’m doing just fine without Him living in me. Like an infection. He infects me? Who the hell wants that?
Yeah, way. The God who made you, who invented the word ‘Love’ infecting you. A slow, spreading infection.
Of love.
What if this morning, He arrived as predicted then, nothing for 30 years. Until it was “time.” Could you hang in for that to happen? Could you dare to trust there is something in you happening and you’ll dare believe it simply by, well, believing you want it?
To save you from, well, you.
What if? Just asking.
This is, for me, one of the greatest Christmas songs ever-the Little Drmmer Boy. I loved it as a kid. One of the only songs which wasn’t dumb. Only it’s been, well, juiced up a bit.
Git yer coffee or tea. You can even juice that up a bit with a wee dram of that brandy or cognac. Enjoy it if you dare in the predawn hours and if you like it, hit replay then open the windows and play it loud. The neighbors at this time of the morning will already know about it, and they will smile.
It’s just for you—and your drum.
Merry Christmas
About Mark Williams
Mark Williams spent the first twenty-one years of his career as a Special Agent for the Organized Crime Division of the State Attorney General’s Office. As part of his duties, he investigated organized crime, homicides, and fraud cases submitted by other agencies to that office. He has traveled across the United States as an instructor for law enforcement in various capacities. After he retired, he became a high school English teacher at an inner-city school in central Phoenix where he is the fourth generation in his family to live in the valley. Mark was married for almost thirty-eight years and is a retired widower. He has three children and ten grandchildren. You can read more about the author here.

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