Which worries you more: ISIS or ebola?

Which worries you more: ISIS or ebola? October 15, 2014

I haven’t written much, and pretty much nothing on these topics in particular, both of which concern me.

ISIS/IS/ISIL seems to be gaining territory virtually unimpeded, and Obama seems more concerned about the appearance of doing something, than actually being effective.  It seems all too likely that they’ll conquer major swathes of territory, and the Arc of History TM seems to be pretty impotent, it being a concept rather than a fighting force, after all.  And this isn’t just some nonsense of, “oh, well, territories change hands all the time,” but a barbaric regime which justifies sex-slavery of “pagan” women by pointing to the Koran.

And ebola?  Perhaps it runs its course without too much damage in the U.S. (and, in Africa, of course, it’s not yet as deadly as the civil wars that seem to rage there unabated), but there has been so much nonsense coming out of the CDC that they don’t especially inspire confidence, beginning with, “she violated protocol,”  when from everything I’ve read, the protocol itself is being worked out on-the-fly.

So I’ll just leave this open-ended.  What do you think?

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