Parking a link: “Racism without racists”

Parking a link: “Racism without racists” November 27, 2014

That’s the title of a CNN piece about the state of racism and race relations in the United States.  The main thesis:  white Americans think they’re “color blind” but they’re not, really.  Evidence:  white Americans disapprove of Obama even when presented with “facts” that show that, really, he’s been a great president; ergo, they must be racist.  Americans believe that blacks have “caught up” with whites economically, but they really haven’t.  A study of identical resumes sent out, one with a “white” name and one with a “black” name, got more responses for the “white” resumes.  A study (called a “classic study” but without any reference or context) in which Americans shown a picture of a white man armed with a knife fighting an unarmed black man, afterwards remembered it as being the reverse.

The implied bottom line seems to be that ambitions of “color-blind” law are folly, because racism is hardwired into whites, and that we need more vigorous implementation of quotas, for instance, to hire black and fire white officers in Ferguson to bring their ratios on the police force in line with that of the community.

Anyway, as you might guess, I’m skeptical, but go read it and tell me what you think.

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