Ta-da! Janetheactuary.com is here!

Ta-da! Janetheactuary.com is here! August 13, 2017


So this has been my project over the past couple days:  JanetheActuary.com!

What’s this about?

No, I’m not moving the blog there.  But I thought it would be useful to have a separate site to store more permanent “stuff” to share with readers, especially with respect to retirement issues, the sort of thing that at the moment is just a passing link.

I’m still very much just starting to build this out, and expect this to be a long-term project as I add more items over time and figure out better ways of arranging the material.  So please pop over there and share any feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions, and the like.  I don’t have comments set up and have to figure out out to work them in, especially as I don’t intend to blog in two places at once, but there’s a “contact” box there, and, of course, the comments here as usual.

Plus, I have to figure out how to replace the “bookshelf” header that I was rather fond of but doesn’t fit with the new Patheos format.

As a bonus — some readers are “foot traffic” just checking out what’s new at Patheos or Patheos Catholic, others I like to think perhaps might go to this blog directly occasionally to see what’s up.  If you do at least sometimes fall in the latter category, you can always just type in Janetheactuary.com and click from there to the blog rather than clicking through the menus at Patheos.

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