2 Themes | Ephesians 5.1-8

2 Themes | Ephesians 5.1-8 September 11, 2019

The word “walk” is the word live. It can literally mean to regulate your life for something, to practice the practices, or the disciplines. Walk in love. That something that we’re walking in has to be love, and that word love is “agape.” Agape could mean commitment. It could mean perseverance. It could also possibly mean endurance. Agape is a very strong word in the Greek, but what makes it more interesting is that Paul associates agape love with what Christ did for us. Because of what Christ did for us, that helps us to regulate our lives. – Preview from the 2nd Theme, Pastor Jared

I’ve been sharing a little bit some messages that I’ve been preaching recently on the book of Ephesians.  Ephesians is one of those books that I’ve come back to again and again over the years.  I enjoy preaching out of it.

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Ephesians 5.1-8

I believe Ephesians and the Corinthians Epistles in the New Testament have a lot to say to us as a culture, as we are now in Western Europe and America.

What I’m doing in this message is switching over from Ephesians 4 to Ephesians 5.  Instead of jumping into all of the words that Paul is throwing out, because he does use a lot of terms in Ephesians 5, I’m going to run with a couple themes that frame-in the whole passage.  It’s Ephesians 5.1-8.  It’s a clear cut passage, and he frames it with a couple things, like our walk in the Lord and perseverance.

So I hope that as you take time to watch or listen, you’ll pick up on those themes.  It’ll probably be just under 30 minutes if you have the time to spend.


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