Meet Jared | Tips for Revamping that About Page

Meet Jared | Tips for Revamping that About Page May 29, 2020

This about page is an informal page directed at drawing people into my story, and that of my family.  I’ve had an about page that was more formal in the past.  Those tend to look like a business card or my LinkedIn account.

The design of this approach is to offer a snapshot of my narrative and the personality behind the degrees and achievements.  Granted, people would like to know more about my credentials if they’re really interested in my writings.  However, it’s also good to offer a glimpse of who I am in the process.

I have tuned-in to the cues of David Boozer over time, along with a couple other internet coaches.  I’m pretty picky about who I listen to.

My current about page, Meet Jared is a half-step back toward the formal side.  It is targeted at those geeks like me, who revel in Theology.  However, I’m also targeting my growing counseling and therapy audience.  My platform is expanding, and the about page is always a good place to mirror these type of changes.

Former about page

Meet Jared Ingle, the Pastor of Long Lake Friends Church in Traverse City, Michigan.  He and his wife Crystal come from a rich heritage of Christian leadership, three generations deep, on both sides of the family.  While Jared has been in formal ministry since 1993, and is an Ordained Minister with the Pentecostal Church of God, together Jared and Crystal have served in active ministry since they were married in 1995.  Jared and Crystal both obtained undergraduate degrees from Bible college.  Jared also holds two masters from seminary.

Pastor Jared is part of the Online Faculty team for Messenger College.  In addition, he is a Writer and Representative for an interdenominational discipleship commission.  You can find some of his other writings here at Patheos, where he is an Evangelical Columnist.  Jared offers individual, couple, and family counseling as a Limited License Marriage and Family Therapist with supervision.

Christians are called to go into the world, rather than always trying to entice the world to come to us.  So one crucial aspect of ministry is to recognize the God-given gifts and abilities in Christians, and then assist them as they become more active, either inside or outside of the four walls.  Jared, Crystal, and their three sons are witnesses to what God is doing at Long Lake Friends Church, a congregation where a high percentage of parishioners are actively engaged.

Inquiries or Bookings:

For information about Long Lake Friends Church, other aspects of Jared’s ministry, or to schedule speaking engagements or counseling sessions:

231.714.4154 (Google Voice)

Jared offers counseling 2 days per week at 2 satellite offices:

Note: Online therapy is available for anyone in Michigan, and can be offered on other days of the week.  For those in other states who are interested, Michigan allows online counseling, if the other state allows it as well.


2017: M.T.S. (Theological Studies), Asbury Theological Seminary.

2004: M.A. Counseling, Assemblies of God Theological SeminaryDual Concentration: Licensed Professional Counseling/Marital and Family Therapy.

  • SP-02 and SP-04: M.F.T. Practicums I and II, CARE Counseling and Family Life Institute
  • FA-03: Advanced Counseling Practicum, Family Life Institute

1997: B.A. General Ministries, Psychology Minor, Bethany College.


(in-press) “Letter to the Ephesians.”  Teacher’s Guide, Unit 2 (Fall 2021).  Pathway Press | Messenger Publishing House (M.P.H.).

(in-press) “Story of the Old Testament.” Discipleship Guide, Unit 1 (Fall 2020).  M.P.H | Pathway Press.

(in-press) “Story of the New Testament.”  Discipleship Guide, Unit 2 (Fall 2020).  M.P.H | Pathway Press.

(in-press) “Why We Need the Bible.”  Discipleship Guide, Unit 1 (Summer 2020).  Pentecostal-Charismatic Curriculum Commission.

Ingle, Vernell, and Jared Ingle.  “Wisdom from Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.”  Discipleship Guide, Unit 2 (Winter 2013-14).  M.P.H.

“Jesus Christ in the Gospel of John.”  Discipleship Guide, Unit 1 (Spring 2013).  M.P.H.

“The Church.”  Discipleship Guide, Unit 2 (Spring 2013).  M.P.H.

“Christian Ethics.”  Discipleship Guide, Unit 2 (Winter 2010 – 11).  M.P.H.

“College Students: Keeping Them in the Kingdom.”  The Pentecostal Messenger 84, no. 10 (2010): 14-16.

Other Points of Contact:

Jared Ingle AAMFT Therapist Locator
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

JCIngle YouTube

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