25th Anniversary | 25 places that are ours

25th Anniversary | 25 places that are ours June 3, 2020

Crystal and I were married on June 3rd, 1995, so today is our 25th Anniversary!

We have traveled most of the continental U.S. in the ministry.  Along the way, we have discovered places that are . . . just . . . us.

During these challenging times we’re all facing, it’s easy to get cabin fever.  For us, it’s also easy to feel isolated in NW Michigan.  However, we’ve been honored to be part of so many wonderful ministries.  We’ve also engaged with countless Christian leaders.  Over the years, we’ve carved out us time in our own spots, away from everyone, even away from our big families.

25th Anniversary
25 places that are ours

This countdown of days is copied from our JCIngle Facebook Business Page @jaredandcrystal

To make this all more fun, Crystal is seldom on FB.  So the whole world could be talking about us, but she may never know.

She reads my articles on Patheos, but not always on the same day that I post.

So my hope is that all of this will fly under the radar.  When Crystal discovers my 25th anniversary article, I hope she enjoys a flood of memories we’ve made at places that are ours and the Bonus note at the end.

Day 1

There are 5 full days left before our 25th on June 3rd. Michigan lockdown lasts until June 12th. If I can’t take Crystal anywhere I’m going to remind her of 25 places that are ours, not all “romantic,” but they’re ours. That’s 5 places per day. I’d like to take you there again, Baby.
1 Virginia Beach
2 Camping in Oklahoma
3 La Taqueria in Santa Cruz, California
4 Petaluma, CA
5 Chowders on Pier 39, San Francisco, CA

Day 2

There are 4 full days left before our 25th on June 3rd . . .
6 Peaks of Otter, VA
7 Yellowstone
8 Shoreline cabin at Dickey Lake, Montana
9 An Elvis from the Mudhouse, Springfield, Missouri
10 The art walk in downtown Springfield

Day 3

There are 3 full days left before our 25th on June 3rd . . .
11 Shakeys, now Shakes, Joplin, MO
12 Andy’s, Springfield
13 Hong Kong Inn, Springfield
14 Quick dates to N Sacramento, CA
15 Chunky Monkey in Marysville, CA

Day 4

There are 2 full days left before our 25th on June 3rd . . .
16 Taquitos, Salinas, CA
17 Phantom of the Opera, Frisco
18 Monterey Bay Aquarium
19 Bellafonte, Ashland, Kentucky
20 Columbus, Ohio

Day 5

Tomorrow is our 25th Anniversary on June 3rd . . .
21 Grand Rapids, Michigan
22 Pleasanton Brick Oven Bakery, Traverse City (TC)
23 Espresso Bay’s version of the Elvis or Chunky Monkey (see previous posts), TC
24 Asian Buffet, TC
25 Buds, Interlochen, MI

Highlights from 25 years, 25 places, 5 per day, and the list could go on and on. I probably forgot someplace really important too.  I’m thankful that we both come from big families and we now have a family of 5.  However, we have ways of making a place belong to just us.

Bonus | 3 Mile Markers in Traverse City

Seldom do I post an article anything like this on Patheos, but a 25th Anniversary only happens once.  As I was preparing this post, something dawned on me about the time we’ve spent in the Grand Traverse Bay Area.  Since we’ve been here, 3 things have occurred that are mile markers:

  1. Until we moved to Traverse City, I lived in California (usually within 1 hour of San Francisco) for over half of my life.  Now I have lived in other regions of the country for over half of my life.  Crystal is from Virginia, but she got accustomed to the mild climate on the Central Coast in the years we spent there together.  It is just down the road from Frisco, revolving around the gorgeous Monterey Bay.
  2. This is the longest time we’ve lived in any one area in our married life, this coming November will be 7 years in town!
  3. Since we’ve lived here, we have also now spent more years with each other than without each other.  We’ve been married longer than the time either of us was growing up.

Happy 25th Anniversary Crystal!  I can’t wait for our date today and for our plans in July!

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