The Offer | Online Counseling

The Offer | Online Counseling June 14, 2020

I’m going to talk about counseling and my approach.  Then I want to share my offer with you, a limited time offer for online therapy.

What will therapy look like for you?

What type of transformation will take place?

Transformation is not always about completely changing your life.  Humans are complex, relationships are often complicated.

Sometimes counseling serves as a mirror.  We begin to see our emotions, our relationships, ourselves.  Counseling can begin with more awareness of myself and my systems.

The Offer | Online Counseling

Often therapy starts with real-time issues, decisions, family issues, or a crisis.  Some of us are facing issues related to the now, i.e. family boundaries in lockdown, tensions in the home, civil unrest, love, etc.  No matter the crisis, this type of therapy needs to start with focus.

What is my role in producing transformation?

What’s my role as the therapist?

As a Supervised Family Therapist and as a Pastor, I’m not the change agent.  I’m one of the many facilitators of change in your life and relationships.

Ultimately, you’re the change agent as a Client or church Parishioner.

How much change or transformation is possible?

How many limits do you want to place on yourself?

I could also ask, how much time do you want to take?  Are you worth it to you?

With therapy or any life change, the moment we’re in is just the catalyst.

Can I take the BIG IDEA . . .

and break it down in concrete, realistic goals?

When I was in seminary, there were over 300 psychological theories.  I’m trained to work with individuals, groups, couples, and families.

With my systems training and 2 masters degrees, I’ve also consulted with religious organizations from local levels to global movements.

My approach can be tailor made for individuals and systems.

I do an intake interview, a “psychosocial,” to narrow in on the issues.  Within the first couple sessions, I’m working with you to define goals.

I’ve used brief therapy for 2-3 sessions.  I’ve also seen clients for more than a year.

Concrete goals are as unique as each individual, family, and system.

Limited Time Offer | $40 per hour Online

Normally $60 for face-to-face or online therapy

  1. During these challenging times, I’m offering a discount
  2. For online counseling, I’m going to charge $40 per session
  3. This is a limited offer during this time
  4. I just feel led by the Lord to make this offer: $40/client hour online

How do we start this process?

231.714.4154 |

  1. Contact me for an appointment, email or phone (info in video description)
  2. Appointments are set up through a secure Zoom online meeting room
  3. Payments are handled through Square
  4. Initial Interview (psychosocial): We’ll explore the issues, I’ll ask questions about related factors, and we’ll start a gameplan

Here are some facts

Just in case you’re wondering

  1. I offer supervised therapy anywhere in the State of Michigan.  It works the same way for online therapy.
  2. Michigan law allows me to counsel across state lines, but yields to the laws of the client’s state.  If you are in another state and would like counseling, let me know and I’ll look up your state’s laws.
  3. You’re needs are still needs, no matter how small they seem.  People have tremendous needs during this time, so you may not feel like your needs are big enough for counseling.  Let me remind you of the needs I mentioned earlier: People are facing family issues now, family boundaries in lockdown, tensions in the home, civil unrest, love, etc.  If you don’t know already, people go to therapy for these types of issues all the time.  I hope you see the value of your needs.
  4. I also hope you consider the value of this limited time offer
  5. Contact me by phone or email

Pastor Jared Ingle

Pastor, Long Lake Friends Church
Director, JC Ingle, Inc.
Traverse City, Michigan | 231.714. 4154

Meet Jared

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