No Sunday Service | next 3 weeks

No Sunday Service | next 3 weeks November 18, 2020

There will be no Sunday service for the next 3 weeks.  Quick note: I start by saying it’s December 18th, but anyone who watches will see it’s actually November 🙂

I received a call from Shannon and Bev.  They’ll be making calls and putting a sign on the door.  All the Elders have talked.

We’ll be cancelling our Sunday services for the next three weeks.

No Sunday Service
Nov. 22nd, 29th & Dec. 6th

We do have a lot of elderly people.  We do not want to have to answer the question, what if someone from out of town comes in who is possibly sick?

Now, what if someone asks about Bible Study?

I don’t know.  I’m just carrying the ball for Sunday mornings.  Shannon has talked to all the Elders: Pete, Lou, Bob (M&O), and Paul.  Perhaps M&O and Paul will be able to talk about what’s next, you know?

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No Sunday service | next 3 wks

JVI | I come to the church in peace | 08.12.20

However, I want you to know, we’re thinking about you…
I’m thinking about you.

We’ll keep you in the loop…
Please keep me in the loop as well.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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