listening to Dara Maclean, Free Chapel & Dante Bowe

listening to Dara Maclean, Free Chapel & Dante Bowe March 29, 2021

I’ve been listening to Dara Maclean, Free Chapel & Dante Bowe, among others.  I’m on a healthy cleanse for my body.  I’m considering it a “fast” and a spiritual discipline.  If you have any questions about things like that, reach out to me and make that connection.

When I’ve fasted in the past, there are usually some Christian practices that have come to the fore.  As I engage in them, they make the fast more of a connecting point as I align myself with the Lord.  At this time, prayer and worship seem to be magnified as I commune with the Lord.

This is a little older song, but I love it

“Blameless” by Dara Maclean has often been playing the back of my mind during this fast, or I’ve been streaming it on every device.

Have you heard of Free Chapel?

Have you heard of Jentezen Franklin?  Did you know he plays the saxophone?

Yeah, he’s pretty smooth.  Just Google “Jentezen Franklin saxophone” or something.

Last week Dante Bowe released another album, called Circles

I was a little surprised that it’s not all worship.  There’s a good amount of worship, but there are some real fun grooves as well.  One of my favorites is joyful.

Dante’s music has changed over time.  He used to be with Eddie James.  He has also released some music with Bethel Redding.  I think that one of the first songs I heard from him was either The Champion or Take Me Back.

Up until about 3-4 years ago, I had lived over half my life within an hour or two of the SF-Oak Bay Area.  I haven’t been in California for over ten years.  It’s the longest span of my life that I’ve been away.

However, I’ve been in services in California worshiping the Lord with all types of people.  Sometimes I’ve had tears streaming down because of all the various groups represented, thinking this is what Heaven’s going to be like.  Dante’s music reminds me of those days.

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