Romans xiv.1 & COIN, ethics pt. 9

Romans xiv.1 & COIN, ethics pt. 9 September 23, 2022

Romans xiv.1 & COIN, ethics pt. 9

This particular article is a carryover from the previous one, revised. The hope was to set the stage for some of the language in this NT Passage, words easily misconstrued. I sincerely hope I reflect a responsible interpretation, especially of the oft misunderstood term Judaizers.

Please before proceeding with this particular Word Study, do not miss the importance of distinguishing aNE terms like Judaizers which are in effect “dead” like we would say “Latin” and “Koine Greek” are dead languages.

“charting the main trajectory; ethics pt. 8 revised” CLICK

In Romans xiv Paul speaks to specific debates, matters of conviction. Paul commands us to accept the, “weak in the faith,” also transliterated as those who are weak in conviction (verse 1; KJV, NRSVA).

As I attempted to state in the former article, in this case “weak” refers to those who have the greater conviction and perhaps yield to group norms to some extent for the sake of others. The strong, if the term can be utilized, are those who have liberty.

Ironically, this is opposite of what we normally think, because we often idolize those who have higher standards, unfortunately.

Paul consistently levels the playing field throughout his career, even among the Apostles. Here he states the strong receive the weak without “doubtful disputations,” or without, “the purpose of quarrelling over opinions” (KJV, NRSVA). The idea is to refrain from questioning the choices of others, without judging their convictions, or even their lack thereof.

make no mistake

Paul is not giving Christians a license to sin or to adopt loose moral standards by any stretch of the imagination.

Paul is a scholarly driver among NT Authors, not a passenger, with regard to Hebraic Law, The Writings, and the time-honored customs.

The idea of some type of freedom to explore sin is far from this Passage.

If anything, Paul seems to be making a case against hastily judging The Walk of other Christians, their way of life, and their convictions.

As stated above, this is opposite of what we normally think, because we often idolize heroes who have higher standards, unfortunately.


Paul is making a case against sin, in a way.

Paul is saying it’s sin to judge other Christians’ judgments/discernment prematurely.

In effect, on the nonessentials we are not to judge the judgement of our Christian family.

Paul then turns to cite specific examples facing the Romans.


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