a Christian replying to Twitter

a Christian replying to Twitter January 26, 2023

I’m replying on Twitter to all kinds of posts. I’ve realized it’s far more fun to do so than merely to come up with my own posts. It also drives a lot of traffic if I reply to a well-known personality.

I won’t make much to do about this article, other than it was fun to put together. The pictures are public and can be accessed by anyone, as well as the posts. There are no hidden permissions here. Twitter is an open forum.

Some are now referring to Twitter as one of the last online bastions of free press, but I’ll stay out of the political side of things for now. However, I will say I’ve been inspired to start my own account. You’ll find me at @JaredIngle2022

In each section, there is a leading post followed by my post “Replying to . . .”

Sometimes there’s another player involved in the thread.

Then there are a couple posts where I mention another person.

The threads end with my post, but there are likes and responses I’m not including, sometimes from the big personality.

Enjoy the resurgence of Twitter if you’ve stayed the course, or if you’re starting fresh like me.


Every sermon might be your last. Henry Smith: “Because when we preach we know not whether we shall preach again, my care is to choose fit and proper texts, to speak that which I would speak, and that which is necessary for you to hear.”


Replying to @FredFredSanders

It truly is a privilege to stand behind the sacred desk, so to speak


The oddest thing about almost all forms of institutional Christianity is their obsession with sex

I don’t remember Christ saying much about that

His teaching was more about love, wasn’t it ?

It’s sad that Church of England bishops have refused to back a change in teaching to allow priests to marry same-sex couples. Kind of runs against the whole spirit of Christianity.

Replying to @JohnCleese

Our Lord quotes and upholds Genesis stating God blesses male and female (Matthew 19.4; Mark 10.6).

He taught against fornication which is any sex outside of marriage (Mat 15.19; Mk 7.21).

Strong teachings

There’s also Paul who wrote about 2/3 of the NT Canon. He has a bit to say.


I mean, I just don’t think we’re going to stand before God on the great day & hear him say, you did such a fabulous job of publicly humiliating heretics. Those pictures were hilarious! Those quotes were the perfect burn! Get in here & let me hug your neck & hang a medal on it.

Replying to @BethMooreLPM

I guess the Early Church Fathers have no reward for being the watch dogs against heretics that they were

Of course, they weren’t into sloppy apologetics, so I think I get your point


I will never stop laughing at the fact that John repeatedly refers to himself as “the disciple Jesus loved.”

Okay John!

@BethMooreLPM Replying to @SHoddeMiller

And he casually lets us know that he outran Peter.

Replying to @BethMooreLPM and @SHoddeMiller

He doesn’t brag about his mom asking Jesus to make thrones for him and James on Christ’s right and left hands though, Lol


Destroying traditional marriage leads to pedophilia. Change my mind.

Replying to @LilaGraceRose

I used to get right (sometimes wrong) answers in math but I was also graded down because I would skip a step or two in the process. I was always asked “Can you show the math?”

@dboozeman there ya’ go


One of his best. Someone said “Always!” to me today in casual conversation. I instantly thought of the song, and other memories, and I did a double-take.


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