What does the Bible say about the Mustard seed and faith?

What does the Bible say about the Mustard seed and faith? February 20, 2023

What does the Bible say about the Mustard seed and faith?

The Bible does not say a lot about the mustard seed and faith. It’s the smallest of all seeds at the time and place. It grows to be the largest tree/bush in the garden.

The injunction is, do you see what little faith you have? Now do you see what your faith, even the smallest bit of faith, can grow into?

For readings about the mustard seed and faith, see Christ’s teachings in Matthew 13; 17; Mark 4; Luke 13; 17. Some of these passages are synoptic (or mirror) texts. The teachings on the mustard seed are few, but they are profound.

In order to interpret faith like a mustard seed, with an ability to withstand great odds, I’ve compiled a playlist chasing the same theme.

Every once in a great while, I’ll share a list of songs. I guess I date myself with some songs from yesteryear. However, I’m chasing a theme, trying to get a little closer and a little warmer than the winter sun.

For 7 years I lived at the 45th Parallel. It was far enough North I really couldn’t get my bearings for awhile. The circuit of the sun was so low compared to other places I lived I had a difficult time tracking the hours of the day. It even affected my keen sense of direction.

JVI | winter sun breaking through clouds & ice | Long Lake | 04.04.19

the winters were longer and colder, making the sun seem far away

“Winter Sun,” Out of the Grey CLICK

I will not speak of the relationship of this dynamic duo because it’s tragic. However, I believe what my faith community calls the anointing rested upon them up until the changes. I don’t recall either one of them remaining in the limelight very long after their crisis.

Lord, give me a mustard seed of faith to be able to chase after You even when You seem as distant as the winter sun.

sometimes drifting, sometimes by crisis, we find ourselves at odds

Can we be real? Can we ask the difficult questions in our relationships? Can we recognize the strength we have in being tethered to each other in holy bonds?

“Who Are We Fooling?” Brooke Fraser feat. Aqualung CLICK

Every man’s battle is no joke. In my life in recent years there has been very few people like Brooke Fraser. She has nearly singlehandedly sang me out of my personal mess at times.

You may know her better as Brooke Ligertwood, a lead singer/songwriter for Hillsong.

God, give me just a mustard seed of faith to be real, but to eventually see the strength of the bonds I hold to and celebrate.

then there are times we are ashamed and hiding

It doesn’t matter if there is sin, like the one robbing the first couple of innocence so they knew what it meant to be naked.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a crisis quite out of the control of the couple, making intimacy difficult.

There are times we find ourselves hiding from each other.

“Vous Etes Mon Coeur,” Gungor CLICK

The pattern runs throughout the Bible (both Testaments) like a long, sad song. Literally, couples are at odds. Furthermore the people of God are at odds with God who has no problem identifying as a husband (both Testaments).

Jesus give me a mustard seed of faith to have Your ability to lovingly, patiently, and gracefully pursue anyone of my relationships in to Your light.

then there’s reality, mixed with a good deal of faith

There are times when lines are crossed. There are times when, for whatever reason, it feels like we’ve deconstructed our own relationships.

Sigmund Freud referred to life-giving and destructive drives, later given the names Eros and Thanatos by Freud’s followers. Which drive will win?

“From the Ground”
Lisa Gungor

The Gungor Collective eventually took a tailspin into error. However, like Out of the Grey there is no doubt an anointing rested on the group up until the time. This is from Lisa Gungor’s only solo L.P.

Lisa shares the themes of Eros and Thanatos, perhaps better than Freud, without mentioning them by name. There is a real desire to build up and to tear down. The best advice I’ve every heard from a minister was, “Try not to let your heart get hardened, okay?”

I have nothing to compare to the pain some couples face when there has been a betrayal. However, Lisa’s song is a reminder that there can be an overflow that can rebuild the relationship, even in the worst of times.

Lord, grant me just one mustard seed of faith to have the ability to not only to be a receiver of Your merciful love, but to also allow it to spill out in my relationships. You’re constantly rebuilding me. Teach me to do the same.

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