Do I Need a Confirmation?

Do I Need a Confirmation? December 2, 2023

Do I Need a Confirmation?

Lucian Petrean | 05.07.2020 | pexels

Sometimes I wish God would just confirm something. I mean, I’m not Gideon, and there’s nothing wrong with Gideon, but I would just like a confirmation.

Is the idea of getting a confirmation even in the Bible, other than Gideon? I could sure use a confirmation.

In the Hebrew Bible they didn’t yet have Jesus Christ living on the inside. They needed signs to serve as a confirmation of their path. There was only one time when God provided an opportunity for Gideon to fleece Him, so it’s certainly not a standard means of operation.

In the New Testament, how did God provide confirmations? Wise counsel served as a confirmation because God was indeed living on the inside now. The counsel of deacons, pastors, and bishops, and the councils, reveal a means of confirmation again and again.

Than again, there seems to be little, if anything, that the Bible does not address. If it doesn’t address my situation directly, it usually addresses it in principle.

Petra | Counsel of the Holy

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To the question, I don’t know anything else fits that detail exactly, the detail of Gideon’s fleece.

The thing about confirmation though is “Why am I asking?”

Is it because I’m not sure if something is coming from God or another voice?

Or am I pretty sure and want to be sure sure?

Or something else?

I think knowing why I want confirmation is important. Regardless, God is compassionate and patient and will never withhold what we really need.

I think another question for me is does God have to respond miraculously or Providentially?

Am I guilty of seeking a sign?

Will God fine tune my spiritual senses so that I can witness glimpses of Jesus at work behind the scenes – the hand of Providence?

Jesus Christ is still Lord, and He is Sovereign. Therefore my will is best exercised when it is subject to His. May He continue to guide me so that I may walk in The Way, in the power of the Holy Ghost, to the glory of the Father.

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