A Type of the Holy Spirit

A Type of the Holy Spirit March 16, 2024

A type foreshadows a person later revealed in Scripture. In the love story found in Genesis 24, there are at least 4 types.

With my life circumstances, right now does not seem like a very good time to write about love. Nonetheless my oldest will get married this spring, so love is in the air.

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This last Wednesday night I taught an overview of the book of Genesis. I’m especially struck by Genesis 24. It’s my favorite love story in the entire Bible.

If you ever wonder how important romantic love is to God, keep in mind the book Song of Solomon is the exact middle book of the Bible.

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This is more than a love story. In the Hebrew Bible there are types and shadows of New Testament truths. A shadow usually foreshadows an event or truth in the New Testament. A type usually foreshadows a person. For instance, Elijah is a type of John the Baptist.

Genesis 24 contains types of the Trinity and the church. Abraham is a type of the Father. Isaac is a type of Jesus, the Son. The Servant is a type of the Holy Spirit. Rebecca is a type of the church, the Bride of Christ.

The servant is commissioned by the Father to find a bride for Abraham’s son Isaac. The Holy Spirit is the active agent in this age, wooing people to Christ.

Like the Holy Ghost does for the church, the servant gives gifts to the bride to be, Rebecca.

The Spirit leads us on a journey of seeking, until He introduces us to Christ. The servant leads Rebecca along the journey until she meets Isaac.

I encourage you to read Genesis 24 again through this lens. Maybe with time it will become one of your favorite love stories in the Bible as well.

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