The P.E.A.C.E. P.A.T.H: A Practical Manual For Reconciliation Between Muslims, Christians, and All People of Peace – By Dr. Jeff Burns

 What if Christians and Muslims have more in common than they realize? What if Jesus is the bridge of common ground between both faith communities?  

 Dr. Jeff Burns outlines his unique peace model for Muslim/Christian reconciliation that he developed over fifteen years as a practical theologian and peace practitioner.  

 There are enough guidance and information for any sincere Muslim or Christian to become a peacebuilder with the other in this short book.  

 Below are two testimonials of a Muslim and Christian who read Dr. Burns’ eBook and put the core message and core practices:

 1) Christian Peace Practitioner

Hey Jeff, 

I just wanted to write you to thank you for your trip several years ago to Sydney, Australia. I was profoundly impacted by that week, especially by your sharing, and since then, I have made many small efforts to bring Christians and Muslims together here in Australia. 

The more significant thing I’m doing now is that I’ve created a two-day camp based on a lot of your PEACE PATH model used in very extreme communities in Indonesia, in Islamic universities, and with Islamic leaders. It is multiplying itself out into many different islands and communities. 

Thanks again for your willingness to come to “Down Under.” It’s still producing fruit and multiplying. 

I hope to catch you some time along the way. There are invitations from Muslims for us to do this in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Tunisia, so who knows if Sudan might end up on the list as well. 



2) A Muslim Peace Practitioner

 Dear Dr. Jeff,

 AsSalaamu Alaikum:

 Grateful for your time and effort, Jeff; you have to know that you are making a difference in the way people view each other.

 If only more people could hear your message.

 The world needs it right now.

 While we all say everyone is entitled to their opinions, the truth is, we loath each other for our opinions sometimes to the extent that we forget we’re all brothers and sisters in this world on a journey back to Eden. 

 Hopefully, our intentions and deeds are accepted, and we don’t find ourselves elsewhere. Your message (PEACE PATH Model) reminds us that we need help and not hinder one another with pointless bickering.

 I’ve adopted your method (PEACE PATH Model), and as a Muslim, I’ve started to see the Bible and Quran are testaments of the same faith from the one God.

 The devil is in the details. Our Holy Books tell us our intention judges actions.

 Just a quick message to tell you your Message (PEACE PATH Model) is traveling, and you are now my Christian minister!

 I pray God’s peace and blessing upon you and your household.



These are only a tiny sampling of how Muslims and Christians are using the PEACE PATH Model. It has caused a “butterfly effect.” Omar’s story has been viewed, read, or heard by over 500,000 people; maybe more. Then they take the PEACE PATH Model and start applying this simple message of love and forgiveness to Muslims and Christians in their communities. 

 Would you like to join Jeff on the Peace Path?

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