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The Passion of Charles Moore

Everything was quiet. Small towns are known to move a little slower. Grand Saline, Texas, was no different. In the midst of such a pace, United Methodist pastor, Rev. Charles Moore, got out of his car at Dollar General, doused his body with gasoline, and torched himself. In time, it became apparent that Charles died due to a deep concern about issues of social justice. The notes are very explicit. In the midst of great evil, Charles knew that resurrection is not possible without death. The hope of resurrection pushed him on. How far will we let such hope push us? The world is on fire and Charles stands ready to guide us through the flames. Nothing is quiet.



The Cathedral

The Cathedral is a work of fiction. These are the wild encounters of a minister named Christian. From Mississippi to Texas, this is a tale of Jesus and sex. I’m sure you will find it an incredible religious experience. Though any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental, I’m sure many will find the people and places of these pages very familiar.



The Psychosis of God

Psychosis has taken over. God’s brain is gone. There is no cure. There is only God. There is only us. The Psychosis of God is about exploring the divine through the mentally ill amongst us. The image of our creator is the only tool we have for liberating God. The prison of our normative expectations steals our capacity for divine connection. Wake up! The mentally ill God is here to set the captives free. Think right! Perfection is now found in defection. Look out! Crazy is the only way out of this world alive.


Love Remains by Jeff Hood


The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood is a radical Baptist mystic, theologian and activist living and working in Texas.

LOVE REMAINS is a collection of Dr. Hood’s prophetic writings from 2014-2015.



The Basilica of the Swinging Dicks

The Basilica of the Swinging Dicks is Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood’s first extended work of fiction.  The novella follows the journey of a remarkable character named Christian and the crazy church he creates.  From Mississippi to Texas, this is a wild tale of chasing Jesus in the South.  Though any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental, I’m sure many will find the people and places of these pages very familiar.


The Courage to Be Queer

God is Queer. In a world of normative paradigms, God will never fit in and nor should we. That twitching and itching for something more will consistently be present until we step out of our closets and into the Queer. The Courage to Be Queer is about the wildness and beauty of an indescribable and uncontainable God. What is the Queer calling us to be? We are to be the ones shouting for justice. We are to be the ones dancing for freedom. We are to be the ones dreaming for hope. We are to be the ones . . . In the midst of the spectacle of it all, there will be those observers who hear the knocking and lean in. Will you open the door?


The Rearing of an American Evangelical

This is a wild story. Based in truth, there are a wide assortment of tales packed into this volume. In order to come out as queer, I first had to come out of my childhood.


Last Words from Texas: Meditations from the Execution Chamber

These meditations are based on encounters that I had with the last words of 84 persons executed in Texas.


FRANCES: An Interpretation of the Gospel of Luke

I always wondered what a female Jesus would be like.  When my grandmother died, I decided to start writing and try to find out.  Frances is my construction of a female Jesus and she is named after my late grandmother.  When we allow God to visit us in various forms and contexts, the beauty only grows…



Jesus on Death Row

“I was in prison and you visited me.” The words of Jesus in Matthew 25:36 call all imaginations to go deeper. What if God really is in prison? What if God was on death row? What would the life of Jesus look like? Jesus on Death Row is a contemporary interaction with the Gospel of Mark that seeks to answer these questions by placing the drama of the life of Jesus on death row in Texas. In the pages of this text, I hope you discover the God who exists with those we have exiled and rejected.




The Year of the Queer

The sermons, blogs, poems and prayers of Rev. Jeff Hood from 2013 to 2014.



The Sociopathic Jesus

An Apophtic Interaction with the Gospel of Mark
Not long ago, I sat in my office pondering the essence of Jesus. In my thinking and reading, I stumbled on the Eastern Orthodox tradition of Apophatic Theology. The Apophatic Theologians sought to describe what God is through description of what God is not. In short, it is impossible to totally describe what God is and thus the closest we can get to description of what God is is through description of what God is not. I began to wonder what Apophatic Theology might do to the study of the life of Jesus. I pondered what the essence of the life of Jesus is. I settled on selflessness. Then I began to wonder what would happen if the Gospel of Mark took the opposite approach… What if Jesus became the villain? What if Jesus became selfish just like us? Seeking to know Jesus more fully through negation, I started writing. This is the result.
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The Queering of an American Evangelical


The Rev. Jeff Hood grew up a Southern Baptist, was ordained a Southern Baptist minister in 2006, and became a queer pastor in 2013.  This is his story as told through the sermons he has preached.
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The Queer

This book is a colloquial interpretation of the Gospel of John.

“When God embodies those we marginalize, strange things happen. Peace, hope and love manifest in unimaginable ways. This is the tale of the Queer.”

This text was used in worship every Sunday morning at The Church at Mable Peabody’s from June to November 2013.

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A Queer Christmas

Although presently out of print, this is one of my favorite books I’ve written.  A queer paraphrase of the Christmas story, the book is full of contemporary ponderings.
“Mary and Josie were holding each other next to the manger.”